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I am looking for a good basic recipe for baking Scones, can you help?

I am not much of a cook and tried Delia’s recipe, I followed it to the letter and instead of making 12 I only had enough dough for 7, and unfortunately they turned out like rocks.

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6 Responses to “I am looking for a good basic recipe for baking Scones, can you help?”

  1. richard_beckham2001 said :

    225g/8oz self raising flour
    pinch of salt
    55g/2oz butter
    25g/1oz caster sugar
    150ml/5fl oz milk

    1. Heat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7. Lightly grease a baking sheet.
    2. Mix together the flour and salt and rub in the butter.
    3. Stir in the sugar and then the milk to get a soft dough.
    4. Turn on to a floured work surface and knead very lightly. Pat out to a round 2cm/¾in thick. Use a 5cm/2in cutter to stamp out rounds and place on a baking sheet. Lightly knead together the rest of the dough and stamp out more scones to use it all up.
    5. Brush the tops of the scones with a little milk. Bake for 12-15 minutes until well risen and golden.
    6. Cool on a wire rack and serve with butter and good jam and maybe some clotted cream.
    Makes 8-12 scones

  2. Oracle said :

    Cheese Scones

    150g Self Raising Flour
    ½ tsp salt
    pepper and mustard
    25g margarine
    75g cheese grated
    1 egg
    30ml milk

    Mix flour and seasonings, rub in margarine

    Stir in Cheese, reserving a little for the tops

    Mix to a soft dough with the egg and milk reserving a little to brush tops

    Roll out to a round just over 1cm (half inch) thick cut into 8 Triangles

    Place on greased baking tray brush with egg and milk and sprinkle with grated cheese

    Bake in hot oven 222c 425f Gas mark 7 for 15mins

  3. Larry J said :

    Try baking in the A.M. when humidity is lowest. It makes a difference. Well it helps.

  4. happychicken said :

    ok… try this. they need to be eaten on the day though. it sounds weird , but i’ve been using this recipe for years.

    1 cup of pouring cream
    1 cup of lemonade
    2 cups self raising flour

    sift flour into a bowl, make a well in the middle, pour in lemonade and cram… mix and knead to a firm dough (occasionally you need a little more flour at this stage. roll out and cut into rounds. cook in moderate oven for about 15 minutes… good way to check if they are cooked is pick one up and tap the bottom… if it sounds hollow, they’re done.
    good luck, and enjoy!

  5. leosgranddaughter said :

    You can find tons of awesome recipes on

    It’s my new favorite recipe site! Just type in scones in the search bar of the site and it will give you lots of ways to make scones, plus it gives ratings. Good luck!

  6. kay.ce said :

    a couple of things could have happened
    you could have handled the dough too much
    not getting enough scones could be not rolling the dough out thin enough
    and the other common problem is not getting them into the oven quick enough so they do not rise
    the other and I find this sad is sometimes there is a mistake when they printed the recipe
    another problem is flour is fickle and recipes takes different amount of flour depending on the weather and depending on your altitude so a recipe that works when someone lives in the mountains will not work out when you try to use it at sea level

    I love this recipe it never fails
    preheat oven to 400 F or 425 if your oven is not to hot
    English scones
    2 cups flour
    1 Tbls baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    2 Tbls sugar
    1/4 cup shortening
    2 eggs
    1/3 cup milk
    in med bowl measure in dry ingredants.
    stir with a whisk until the ingredants are mixed very well (flour/b.powder/salt/sugar)
    cut in shorening with fork or pastry knife
    you want it to be very fine
    crack eggs in small bowl reserving one of the egg whites
    for the tops
    beet eggs and add them to dry
    next add milk (do not add all of the milk some times it does not take it all)
    you want it to be a soft dough
    turn out onto a flour board or counter knead by hand 8 to 10 times you do not want it to go beyond soft dough so as soon as it is together stop.
    roll out to 1/4 inch thich using a round 2 inch cookie cutter or biscut cutter
    get as many as you can
    you can use the left over dough to make the rest but do not hadle it too much or the scones will be tough

    I find it easier to leave them on the counter for the next part as it is messy but you get that golden crispy crust
    if you want them plain you can skip this part but it gives them that golden top
    the egg white you have left over
    beat it with a whisk until it is runny not foamy
    using a pastry brush (some times I have use a bit of papper towel or a small peice of cloth) brush on to the tops of the scones give them a good coat.
    next spinkel them with sugar put on to cookie tray and cook
    for 5 to 15 mins the cooking time really depends on how hot your oven is and how thick you made them
    also what you have put in them.
    Please note you want the oven heated by the time you add the liquid to this recipe and you want to get them in the oven as soon as possible to get a good rise out of them

    rasian scones or dried current or other dried fruit
    add 2 more tbls of sugar for a total of 4 tbls of sugar
    add 1/2 cup of dried fruit.

    making them with fresh fruit
    add the 2 extra tbls of sugar but be careful you will not need as much liquid.

    I have tons of recipes for scones for savory to sweet
    some of them even have some meats in them like sausage.
    email me if you want more recipes


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