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What is a good book to help me learn more baking vocabulary?

I am looking for a book with baking vocabulary to help me understand what some recipes are asking for and for certain terms used so I understand them better. Thanks!

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6 Responses to “What is a good book to help me learn more baking vocabulary?”

  1. Ƕāūţē çūīşīņē ḟōŗ Ṁŗ.Đēāţħ ® said:

    Baking blind means to use plastic bag with beans or another baking pie pan ontop of the crust to hold the crust in place while cooking

  2. Christopher K said:

    Lots of them are on the market, but they’re more for the advanced cook………my suggestion to you is to go to the Food and access their culinary encyclopedia, and you’ll find things and terms that will help you understand the basics of baking…..good luck and Enjoy!!


  3. msnorthernont said:

    Company’s Coming has a new one out that’s kid friendly. It would be a good place to start. You can get them at WalMart.

  4. Jason S said:

    Books are so 20th century. A beautiful tech savvy girl like you should use these websites.

  5. El Piripiripau said:

    The Joy of Cooking. It has a lot of recipes and full definitions of cooking processes and procedures.

    It can teach you how to truss, blanch, fricasse and many other things.

  6. Chef2007 said: will let you subscribe to a daily e-mail newsletter that gives you 2 terms per email. Some are things you’ll never see, but it’s a good reference if you’re learning 🙂 Give it a try…


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