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I’m having meat cravings and I’m a vegetarian?

I’ve been eating really good; bunch of fruits and veggies, bunch of protein, and a multi vitamin. But, lately I’ve been craving some wings or a Wendy’s cheese burger. I’ve been feeling kind of … odd since I became one. Like I was self-conscious about it. I feel horrible about this. But, I don’t know what to do. Should I cave or stay strong? Has anyone else experienced this?

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14 Responses to “I’m having meat cravings and I’m a vegetarian?”

  1. williegod said :

    Stay strong if you really believe. Cravings are natural and will disappear. Try giving up cigarettes.

  2. Craig said :

    Stay strong. The cravings will go away.

  3. margie k said :

    Make sure you are getting enough b vitamins, it is better to take a b complex vitamin every day in addition to your multi. And make sure the multi is from food, not a chemical multi ( try food of life brand etc.). Easy on any sugar, and if a menstruating woman, check on iron levels. Your multi should have iron in it.

  4. Vethraxx said :

    So eat the meat if you have a craving. Your body was designed to be omnivorous. It’s not like your head is going to pop off if you eat meat. It’s a choice you made, and you can unmake it. If you don’t want red meat, just go for some fish or other seafood from an organic outlet. Why torture your self. Live, and eat well. You could get hit by a car tomorrow.

  5. Grant said :

    I was in your situation and I craved meat all the time. I am so glad that I was able to hold strong and not cave in to my cravings. Continue to stay a vegetarian because you are doing so much good to the Environment, The animals, and your health. It’s worse when you’re a vegetarian trying to become vegan. Those cookies look so delicious, but I won’t let myself eat them because they contain milk and eggs and not only do I want to preserve my health, but I want to save the animals and the environment. Did you know drinking milk supports the veal industry? I wish you good luck!

  6. Nicole said :

    If you are seriously being a vegan or a vegitarian look up a product called Seitan. It is just like eatting meat and its tasty, you have to use spices and stuff but its really good(you have to cook it, its just like meat but its a substitute). You should also try tofu, i know people say its weird and blah blah blah but it can be really good. If you have a store near you called Whole Foods (look online you might be near one and not realize it) they have alot of vegitarian hot and ready meals that can be heated up and its a mostly organic store. Dont crave. Its so unhealthy, you are gonna thank yourself big time for taking the time to care about your body. I wish you good luck!

    And you need to make sure you have plently of iron! Becareful!

  7. Dessine-moi un mouton said :

    That’s entirely your decision.

    As far as cravings go, yes I’ve had them. I decided to check out the vegan “meat” section at the health food store. They have some pretty good stuff; you should check it out if you still want to stick with vegetarianism.

  8. moderatorlinkfromgaiaisgay said :

    I dont understand why people ask if they should give in. Whyd you become a vegetarian?

  9. Hannah Weese said :

    fake meat! it’s the best!

  10. BlaineMatthew said :

    Try mock meat.

  11. xxjenxx said :

    ummmm, how long have you not been eating meat? if you gave up meat pretty recently…. well i’ll share my experience:
    i gave up meat. and once in a while i missed it and “craved” it. like, ever since i had giving it up (back then). after a month or so i said ,”the hell with it, i’ll just eat it once”. i had ribs, the best in town. and it was DISGUSTING. i didn’t even finish half of it. it was gross. i was with my dad, and he said, “no, they taste the same”. but after not eating meat for a bit, you loose that taste and meat is disgusting after. it really don’t taste the same as it used too….. the craving still went on, so AGAIN, like a month later i said the hell with it again… bla bla, same old. and i had a barbqued cheeseburger at a yard party. the best guy to make them in the family made them and again….. DISGUSTING. everyone else (meat-eaters) were drooling… i gave the rest of mine to my dad lol.
    then i never ate meat again. SORRY, I eat fish. but you get the idea.
    so, yeah, what i suggest if you hadn’t been a veg for long and you getting this craving, try to keep up for at least a month, then try it, you’ll see. you’ll probably get really disgusted and never want to eat it again. you’ll see what you’ve been missing isn’t all that great.
    if you been veg for years… try it as well, but at your own risks (you may get sick). or at least not cow meat. but you’ll probably feel the same way i did. so don’t worry about going back to meat. unless, you just don’t react the same as i did.

  12. Cliff said :

    Then eat meat. Your body knows what it needs, so you should listen to it.

  13. PennyLane said :

    I’m Vegetarian and have been for about 4 years, I sometimes want to eat a burger or buffalo wings and I eat fake burgers and fake buffalo wings the brand is Morning Star, it is completly vegetarian and taste like real meat and has a good flavor and made out of soy. Most Albertsons and Safeway’s have them in a certain “vegetarian” section. Morning star has all types of fake meat. They even have fake hotdogs and bacon and sasuage, just go online and find common Vegetarian meat brands such as Morning star and Bocca. You wont have to eat real meat and animal flesh to enjoy good food.

  14. Ovilia Fernandes said :

    With a push towards healthier diets many people are turning to vegetarianism, but some find it difficult to overcome meat cravings. One of the key factors is to avoid setting up a situation that creates them. To this end, the switch to a vegetarian diet is best done gradually over a period of several months, a year, or even more. The amount of time it takes to overcome meat cravings and drop meat from the diet will vary from person to person, but there are a few things everyone can do to ease the way.The body gets used to a specific diet and changing it drastically by eliminating all meat overnight is setting yourself up for a fall. Instead, wean yourself off meat by taking one meal a week in which you’d normally eat meat, and substitute a vegetarian meal instead. If you like to cook you might want to pick a weekend night so you have more time to prepare. Try a different meal each week to build a repertoire of vegetarian dishes you enjoy. In 4-6 weeks, add another vegetarian meal to the diet, gradually reducing meat and finally eliminating it. Becoming a vegetarian slowly should help to reduce or eliminate meat cravings.

    In order to overcome meat cravings it is also important to understand them. According to some experts there are two types of cravings: psychological and physiological.

    Psychological cravings are temporary, and if ignored, will usually pass in 15-20 minutes. Triggers for psychological cravings can include smells, such as driving by a fast-food restaurant, work-related stress, turmoil in a personal relationship, excitement or boredom. These triggers can create cravings for our favorite fast foods or treats like ice cream or sweets. The best way to avoid giving in to a psychological craving is to distract yourself with a task, chore, hobby, exercise or sugarless chewing gum. The craving will pass if given a chance.

    Physiological cravings are very often triggered by a drop in blood sugar and can create light-headedness, shakiness, and a tired feeling. These cravings do not pass and should be satiated as this is the body’s way of telling us we’re lacking something we require. To overcome meat cravings, try eating something high in protein such as a soy-based food, legumes, or cottage cheese. If the craving is for fat try a palmful of peanuts, a few almonds or a shake.

    Avoid “nurturing” meat cravings. Try the methods above but if nothing works eat a small amount of meat to satiate the craving. If this does not stop the craving it is more likely a psychological craving. Many people are raised eating meat and associate mealtime (and eating meat) with family and good feelings. Cultural influences can also affect the way we feel about food. Give yourself and your body time to make those same positive associations with your new vegetarian diet.

    Finally, it is easier to go from a meat diet to a vegetarian diet, than to go from a meat diet to a vegan diet. Vegetarian diets can include dairy products and eggs. Although calcium and other nutrients can also be gotten in a vegan diet, you will likely overcome meat cravings easier by taking “baby steps.” If the ultimate goal is to go vegan, consider letting the intermediate goal be vegetarianism.

    Another important factor is to stay hydrated. Often food cravings are triggered by a lack of fluids. Drink a glass of water every couple of hours and your stomach will stay fuller.

    It is also important to incorporate new foods into the diet and not just eliminate meat while keeping everything else the same. There are many prepared vegetarian meals in the freezer section of most grocery stores. These include everything from soy burgers to “buffalo wings” and “chicken” patties. In the luncheon meat section you can also find meatless bologna, “ham,” “turkey” and hot dogs – all made from high-protein, low-fat soy. Buy fresh veggies and fruits, and pick up a vegetarian cookbook. Italian and Mexican foods make great vegetarian meals, and when you enjoy what you’re eating it is much easier to overcome meat cravings.


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