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I’m trying to find some Cyber Monday deals on Guitars?

I was looking into getting a Jackson, or Ibanez.

I’m not talking First Act walmart guitars.

So if anyone knows were I can find some please give me the link.

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2 Responses to “I’m trying to find some Cyber Monday deals on Guitars?”

  1. TheRocker said:

    I know, First Act guitars are bad quality when you buy them. Go to Guitar Center. Great place to get a guitar. Find if there’s a store near you, or go to this link..

  2. Kona said:

    Check out Rondo….inexpensive(as compared to cheap made) the Agiles in particular….Korean made copys that are ALMOST as good as the originals…I’ve had a couple and still have an Explorer copy….

    Musiciansfriend is a good place to look for originals too


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