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In Obedience dog shows what does Utility and these other words mean?

on the judging program for an upcoming dog show they have utility,open A and B and Novice. Not sure what all of it means but it will be fun to watch.

After watching the obedience comes the rally trials which have advanced and novice B also.

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2 Responses to “In Obedience dog shows what does Utility and these other words mean?”

  1. DaBasset *Ever heard of Google?* said:

    Those are the different levels of difficulty. In Obedience you have Novice, Open and Utility. The A is for more novice handlers and B for more experienced.

    The levels for Rally-O are Novice, Advanced and Excellent.

    The rules for Obedience and Rally-O can be found on the AKC website.

  2. ∞CHAO§∞ JC Double Bred-By Winner said:

    I will address the A,B thing first then Utility and Open

    A classes mean basically that you have never put a title in this level on a dog before, and you are basically a noob.

    B classes mean you have put a title on a dog in this level before, you are experienced

    Novice- Is the first level of obedience, you basically do a pattern on leash, off leash, figure 8 on leash, stand for exam off leash, and sit and down stay. You get enough of a score to pass you get a leg, 3 legs and you get a CD title.

    Open- Is the next level, in addition to what was already in Novice, you add in the dumbbell retrieve, and one of the jumps I believe or two. Same as in novice, 3 legs and you get a CDX title

    Utility- Is one of the highest levels. You add in finding a dumbbell by scent, and glove retrieve, and another different jump. I believe this is all off leash, not sure can’t remember. And again 3 legs and you get a UD title, then I forgot what you have to do to get a UDX title.

    Rally has three levels where it gets significantly harder. Novice Rally is all on leash, the next level is off leash and different signs, the next level is off leash you have to honor a dog, and even harder exercises.


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