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Is food colouring dangerous for children to consume?

I have been hearing food colouring is dangerous for children because in a primary school production of Bugsy Malone we’re having custard pies and I decided to make them Tiswas style and use food colouring, but will it be dangerous to get food coloruing in children’s mouths for three nights in a row (Pie in face) In the end everyone gets splurged so should I alter the flan idea or will it be OK after left for one hour.

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8 Responses to “Is food colouring dangerous for children to consume?”

  1. willa said :

    no. how do you think frosting gets its color?

  2. Loki said :

    No, i’m sure in large amounts it could be harmful, soo don’t let them drink the whole bottle haha.

    Like all things its fine in moderation.

  3. Sweetness4713 said :

    Food coloring is used in any colored candy you buy..
    It’s only coloring extracted from plants..

  4. sue said :

    Food Colouring is certified safe by our Food and Drug Departments in all countries of the world.

    There are some children who are allergic to it, but they are few and generally on medications for ADD, ADHD, and other attention disorders.

    Most commercial foods have food colouring in them to enhance the colors!! All soda pops have food colourings in them and children get them all the time in too great a quantity.

    It is mostly CHILDREN who consume the most food colourings!!!

  5. toni_girl_7 said :

    no. not dangerous at all!

  6. sbtravelgirl said :

    Nope, it’s fine! Just don’t pour it in water or drink it!

  7. zoe said :

    maybe if it is in large amounts

  8. eazymealz said :

    No that i have heard


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