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Is it okay to use extra virgin olive oil when baking brownies?

I’m baking brownies for myself using Pillsbury Fudge Supreme brownie mix, and it calls for 1/3 cup of oil. But, I have no idea what type of oil, and all I have is extra virgin olive oil. Is that fine to use? Please help!

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8 Responses to “Is it okay to use extra virgin olive oil when baking brownies?”

  1. angela said :

    evoo is always good!

  2. Chef D said :

    Yes it’s ok to use olive oil, I’ve used it with great success.

  3. Ms. Diamond Girl said :

    extra virgin olive oil sometimes has a stonger flavor then vegetable oil, or cannola oil . i wouldn’t use it in a dessert dish i would use a lighter oil or shortening even a solid margarine would be a better choice.

  4. CraziiChick145 said :

    yea its cool i made brownies just yesterday!!!

  5. lonepinesusan said :

    I would not. EVOO has a distinct flavor that would not taste good in baked products,try a veg.oil like canola that has no specific taste to it.

  6. TJTB said :

    Extra Virgin version of olive oil is NOT a good choice in baking sweets. This version of olive oil is from it’s first cold pressing and so it has a very fruity flavor and aroma which lends itself very nicely to savory dishes, but not to baked goods.
    You can use a light olive oil for sweets, although it’s not the best choice, because it’s the third prssing of the fruit (yes, olives are a fruit) and so it won’t interfere with the aroma of chocolate as much.
    I recommend butter or canola oil for baking. The butter has a lot of saturated fat, but gives the best flavor and texture. Canola is the healthiest choice of the two; contributing no transfats to the recipe.
    Good luck.

  7. Little Miss Honestly Critical said :

    Olive oil can burn easily. It might taste different but you can do it. You could substitute with butter, vegetable oil or shortening.

  8. sunnycali72 said :

    it should be ok i made a cake with olive oil when it was suppose to be vegtable oil…tasted great


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