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Is there any healthy recipes out there you would suggest to mix with GNC’s vanilla whey protein?

I just purchased 4lbs of GNC’s vanilla whey protein which can only be mixed with water not milk, but can anyone give me a healthy recipe to make me want to drink it because the whey protein with the water alone tastes disgusting. And does mixing my whey protein with other products (like fruits) affect the quality your suppose to get from the protein.

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One Response to “Is there any healthy recipes out there you would suggest to mix with GNC’s vanilla whey protein?”

  1. mcnewsletters said :

    Hi Rob.

    GNC’s Vanilla whey protein tastes terrible. I’ve been using protein powders since 1992, and it’s one of the worst. The reason you shouldn’t mix it with milk is because of the high lactose content of the GNC protein. GNC does not filter out the lactose, and can give you upset stomach if taken with milk.

    That being said, there are ways you can mask the taste somewhat.

    Fruit is the number one place I’d start. Namely, berries (for the antioxidants and taste). Adding fruit does not in any way affect the potency of your protein powder. In fact the sugars from the fruit will help the body get the amino acids from the protein into the muscles through insulin action.

    I wrote an article about this specific thing on my site- I’ll post a link below.

    Other recipe’s you may try are adding some low fat cocoa powder, adding almond or peanut butter (will thicken the shake and flavor it nicely)

    One buddy of mine used to put the powder in a bowl and mix it with any flavor sugar free/ fat free pudding mix.

    Actually wasn’t too bad.


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