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What are some glazes for ham ?

When choosing glazes for ham, you have an option to go sweet or savory. While most families have their own traditional glaze for ham, experimenting on new ones can give a new taste to your ham.

Most glazes for ham require some type of sugar, such as honey or white sugar, and then mixed with spices. You can choose to use applesauce, maple syrup, honey, brown sugar or a mix of these ingredients. Spices like cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg could spice up your ham in no time. However, if you wish to make an unconventional ham, you can use cola as glaze by mixing mustard, brown sugar, cloves and cola.

Various ingredients mixed with sugar glazes can affect the ham differently. For instance, mustard can offset the sugar, while spices like pepper and chili can give the ham a tasteful kick. For a sour taste, lemon juice, vinegar, pineapple juice or freshly squeezed oranges can be added. Cranberry juice not only gives a sweeter taste, but also acts as a preservative for the ham.

If you wish a more savory ham, you can use yellow, Dijon or any kind of mustard while adding a variety of spices. Although you prefer savory ham, you still need to use a small amount of sugar to give the ham a “glazed” look.

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