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What are some good ways to train a dog to not bark at guests when they visit?

My 10yr old Poodle likes to bark at guests when they enter the house. He walks to the top of the stairs and barks, non stop until they leave. He’s not a cuddly friendly dog to guests. When were alone in the house, he’s great! How can i help train him to be more friendly towards my guests?

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12 Responses to “What are some good ways to train a dog to not bark at guests when they visit?”

  1. peru_jhonatan said :

    he has to get to know the people. they react by smell. if the smell is not familiar, they’ll bark

  2. Sara said :

    Bring The Dog out of the room and in to a another room when the dog barks

  3. xkatielouloux07 said :

    Tough love is in order here, if the dog has never been taught that this is wrong he will do it!
    Get a sprag bottle and fill it with water, when the dog barks squirt him (it needs to be a jet not mist) this will shock him & over time & training her should stop! Good luck!

  4. hj_thorne said :

    Your dog hasn’t been socialized around people so he must see them as a threat and therefore bark. If you know people are coming over then make sure your dog is walked for 30 minutes minimum prior to your visitors coming over, this will tire the dog out and make him more relaxed, keep him on a leash and have him at the door when people come over. Make sure your guests ignore the dog entirely when they enter, no talk, touch or eye contact. When your dog barks jerk his leash to the side, NOT back (not too hard you just want to get his attention) and tell him to be quiet, or use a word other than no, like Ah Ah in a stern voice, keep it up till he stops when he does reward. If your poodle is 10 years old then he’s obviously been allowed to do this his entire life and you know how you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    Another method you can try is using an empty soda can with pennies. Make sure you tape the opening so the pennies don’t come out. When he barks shake the can, this will scare him enough to stop, every time he barks shake and keep repeating, stopping when he stops barking. Eventually he’ll learn to stop when he sees you reach for the can. When he stops barking instantly reward.

    Good Luck

  5. Jay said :

    If it will be a regular visitor have the person give the dog one of its favorite treats…..

  6. Michael B said :

    There are some really excellent dog obedience training courses out there that you can use to stop this problem. Be careful though – there are some pretty bad ones too. Here’s one I recommend (a ton of people have had success with this one):

  7. Sas said :

    Ignore the dog completely, put him in a room or outside, do not acknowledge him at all.

  8. kome said :

    sit on his back and ride him like a pony. that will shut him up nice and good

  9. phoenix_1151 said :

    My dog did this when i would walk her too, if she saw someone she would start barking crazily. So I did the only thing i could do. I went door-to-door and had her meet all of our neighbors, and get to like them. Now she is so happy when i walk her, i don’t even need a leash, everyone in the neighborhood knows her! LOL! Now my neighbors like her but my guest didn’t know her. So when people come over first thing i do is introduce them to her. after 5mins she loves em!

  10. sun_and_moon_1973 said :

    Have your guests completely ignore the dog-not looking at him,speaking to him..nothing. Once he is comfortable with them in the house allow him to come to them. If you give him any attention while he is barking he will think it’s okay behavior. Praise him when he is being quiet. Once he approaches the guests let them give him a toy or small treat and have them try to pet him but back off if he starts to act nervous or anxious.

  11. Gangsta J said :

    Shock collar perhaps? Or a muzzle, I think it is too late to train the dog not to bark at people, as they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

  12. Diana M said :

    Check out The Dog Whisperer website. Great tips on training your dog and changing bad behavior. Do not hit or scream at the dog. It only makes the dog more excited. You can also put a lease on him before opening the door and teach him to stay in one spot as you let your guest in. Ask your guests not to acknowledge the dog until you have given him the command to greet. It takes lots of practice with your dog but in the end its worth the time.


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