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What color goes with a sage green/green tea color bedding?

I recently got engaged and have been busy planning the wedding as well as picking out my registry. We have decided on a Hotel Collection bedding from Macy’s thats sage green (they call it green tea) with ovals. I am trying to figure out how to decorate the rest of our bedroom to match the bedding. Any suggestions on wall paint color?

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8 Responses to “What color goes with a sage green/green tea color bedding?”

  1. tardis_mom said:

    sage green is EXTREMELY versatile. Here are just some of the colors that it will look great with:
    – eggplant purple
    – rust (reddish brown)
    – black
    – cream/ivory/white
    – brown
    – terracotta

  2. tanyakaia said:

    if you were going for darker on the walls i would go with a plum or wine color, if lighter i would say a beigh or sand color Good luck!

  3. yowza said:

    play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to find something that you like. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out, I like that you can search by color family & color name, the “painted” rooms look the most realistic, and it suggests coordinating color schemes. You can literally spend hours:

    I looked up the bedding set online, and I think a gold like “rustic city” (# 7699) would look wonderful with that ensemble.

    You can also take a photo of your room & upload it to the makeover gallery on this website:
    You can get color suggestions & they’ll photoshop them onto your room so that you can get an idea of what it will look like.

  4. Allergic To Eggs said:

    green tea goes great with lots of things for example grape or berry or even a pleasant gold tone. slate blue can be nice too

  5. sexah.kateh said:


    Ivory is the prettest color with sage I believe 🙂

    Wall color? Maybe dark brown?

    It owuld bring out the sage and ivory.

    Just go to any paint stores or hardware locations like Home Depot, show them samples of the sage green, and they would tell you what wall color is best for it! 🙂

    Good luck!

    Hope I helped!

  6. mab5096 said:

    “Plymouth Green” or “Svelve Sage” from this website might look good.
    Good luck on your wedding!

  7. a3146201 said:

    I’ve said that least 3146201 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  8. Jarvis Longnecker said:

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