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What food and drinks are good for the voice?

What food and drinks are good for the voice? What are not? I’ve tried ginger brew and I heart eating sweets and salty foods aren’t good for the voice, but are there any others?

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5 Responses to “What food and drinks are good for the voice?”

  1. Letitia L said :

    pinapple juice and warm tea is what my singing teacher used to get me to have to clear the throat before a performances

  2. J J said :

    warm mineral water is the best, and warm tea with honey also good, or maybe just the honey (1 tablespoon before you sing or practice), and avoid ice water and soda

    for food, do not eat to much fried stuff (fritters, fried chicken etc.)

  3. rand said :

    pineapple juice and warm tea and coffey

  4. GERALD S. M said :

    1. Honey, 2. Lemon juice, 3. Honey & Lemon Juice.

  5. luvr of Corbin BleuReivers said :

    Pieneaple juice is good

  6. Squans said :

    Sugar and caffeine are going to make you temirraoply hyper, and then you’ll crash. Best to go with slower acting (i.e. unprocessed) carbs like whole grains and fruits, and add a protein shake. You won’t be hyper , but you’ll have sustained fuel.


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