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What food can cause the most weight gain and the least addition to being full?

Pretty much, a friend of mine is looking to gain some weight (he’s incredibly thin), so I figured I’d try and help him out. We’re trying to find out what food would cause the most weight gain, but wouldn’t make him full (or it’d take a large amount to make him full). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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9 Responses to “What food can cause the most weight gain and the least addition to being full?”

  1. Deej said :


  2. Ben S said :

    Cliff Bars, you can pick them up at your grocery store.

  3. mego said :


  4. trick said :

    They have a weight gain shake that has 2200 (more than a full day’s worth) or calories per serving. That would do the trick.

  5. h1l2i3m4w5 said :

    peanut butterrr mmm or 4% milk. or u can get mass gainers at GNC. its like a powerd with tons of calories. i use it for sports to bulk up

  6. hugsandhissyfits said :

    A real warm loaf of homemade bread with real butter soaked and ripping on

  7. Lauren J said :

    The simple answer is probably straight lard, but as far as something you can eat, GNC sells a lot of products that go into milk and a blender to make milkshakes and have a lot of calories in order to inspire weight gain. I’ve seen it work on everyone who’s tried it, at least a bit.

  8. netgio said :

    pb&j sandwiches
    fast food everyday
    high sugar food every day

    those stuff have been putting extra fat on me.

    but your friend need to gain weigh reasonably,right ?
    I don’t think he wants to become fat, I guess.
    so drinking lard or eating fast food everyday
    is not smart things to do.

    to gain weigh from extreme thin is probably not easy
    if you just eat high calorie food.

    you (he) need help from weight gain supplement,shake,etc.

    gain weight & get obese or ill is not good.

  9. Michele L said :

    When I wanted to gain weight, I would eat brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts with Hagen Daz Vanilla ice cream….wow, I wish I had that luxury these days…that was many years and quite a few pounds ago. Unless your friend’s doctor is recommending he gain weight, he shouldn’t try to do so by eating more. He should add weight training to add bulk and the rest will follow. If his doctor is telling him to gain weight then ask the doctor for recommendations. I have also heard that drinking Ensure in between meals is a healthy way to add “healthy” calories.


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