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What is a cheap way to keep celery crisp?

I once owned a tupperware crisper that kept my celery crisp like what seemed forever. My roommate claimed it when she moved out, so I bought a new one, and it was not as good. Does anyone know a tried and true method to keeping your celery crisp for weeks?

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6 Responses to “What is a cheap way to keep celery crisp?”

  1. Angelique R said:

    If you put lettuce in water with a little bit of sugar it keeps it crisp. I used to work in a cafe that stored there lettuce that way. Perhaps this will work with celery also. I’m not sure if you want to store your celery that way though.

  2. gena said:

    take a plastic container with a good fitting lid put a couple of wet paper towels in the bottom then put your celery in there . It works to clean it first then when you want a piece then all you have to do is open up the container and grab a piece and then replace the lid. my celery stays crisp till it is all gone

  3. B C said:

    trim the ends
    place in a tumbler of water

    loosely drape a large food storage bag over the top

    change water every couple of days

    works for me

  4. Rusty said:

    The cheapest way to have crisp celery is to buy it everytime you pass a grocery store. What is celery? A dollar a ton?

  5. Krissie said:

    Wrap it in aluminium foil and refrigerate. It really does keep it fresh for ages.

  6. Sblackheart said:

    I always wash and trim my celery when I bring it home from the grocery store; then I wrap it in paper towels (because it is still wet) and put in a ziploc bag, but don’t close it. It stays fresh in my refrigerator bottom drawer for a couple of weeks.


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