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What is a quick fix remedy for curing “sour stomach” the day after drinking alcohol to excess?

I drank way to much last night and today I have that terrible feeling in my stomach that doesn’t want to disappear. I took Pepto and drank some tea but neither helped. Any remedies that have worked for you in the past? Thanks in advance.

(I also asked this in Health section, but I figured I would give it a try here also.)

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8 Responses to “What is a quick fix remedy for curing “sour stomach” the day after drinking alcohol to excess?”

  1. ridiculouslycurious said :

    sip on some cool, but not cold ginger ale and some plain crackers, like saltines.

  2. Kevin Fuck said :

    Greasy food and flat soda.

  3. angus4 said :

    A good greasy breakfast & a bottle of Gatorade to replace the electrolytes.

  4. texhabs007 said :

    It’s gonna take awhile. I’m not a big Ginger Ale fan, anything sparkling should help.
    Greasy food has helped me, as it will help make you sweat out some of the alcohol.

  5. Jamie said :

    the way i fix it is to make a soup and put spicy peppers in it
    it makes you sweat and fixes sour stomach,but if you are sensitive to spicy foods then do not do this

  6. Dude said :

    alka-seltzer aka “alkie’s-helper”. Specifically, the “morning after” formula. The people telling you to take spicy/greasy foods fail to realize that when there is abdominal distress, the last thing one needs are foods that fall into that category. Trust me. any alka seltzer will do, but the morning after formula is wonderful.

  7. Berto said :

    stand over the toilet, slam a big glass of milk, 5-6 secs. later…all better!!

  8. SoCal Luv said :

    Pho Soup… Always works for me =)


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