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What does it mean when you throw up blood the next day after drinking?

I drank some vodka last night, two martini glasses then woke up today with a wicked hangover… Ive been sipping water and coffee and just feel like crap.. So I tried to make myself throw up and instead I threw up a small amount of blood and now my esophogus burns!!!! The only thing I can think of is Ive been smoking Newports for the past 4 packs of cigarettes Ive had so maybe thats why…. Should I be worried? What does this mean?

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8 Responses to “What does it mean when you throw up blood the next day after drinking?”

  1. Shirley Y said :

    usally when u throw up blood it means u hav nothing else in your stomach so try eating something and dont u know that smoking is bad for u same with 2 much drinking

  2. kimura387 said :

    Its never good to throw up blood. You dont need to jump for concern yet. Just try to think about it. Is this the first time that this has happened? Do you often have blood in your saliva? Or how about in your mucus? Also sometimes drinks like cranberry or fruit punch can give the same color as blood, especially cranberry juice. when throwing up. Also watch your doots too. Make sure their is no blood in your stool either. If you dont have any problems with these things, then i wouldnt worry about it. Just monitor it tho. If it happens again or you notice anything else out of the ordinary, then go get it checked.

  3. TE said :

    I throw up blood about a year in a half ago Went to the hospital, Got released and about 4 months later my stomach started to get severe pain then it would go away, Until one night the pain did not go away and I passed out a couple of times, And had emergency surgery for a bleeding ulcer. Get to the Doctor as soon as you can.

  4. missstevi said :

    It sounds a LOT like an ulcer. Go to a doc and get checked out; it could be something with an easy fix but it could be very serious, too, and no one will be able to tell without examining you.

  5. jose said :

    it means you drank too much, lol. although that’s just two glasses….hmmm.
    Your stomach walls or esophagus might be bleeding a little from a high stomach acid content. i’d probably lay of the smokes and take some acid neutralizer. certain pain relievers can also make the stomach walls bleed so i would take any unless you really need it. if it continues, i’d see a doc.

  6. Karoline M said :

    Smoking and coffee are not good for your stomach. Neither is binge drinking. Alcoholism will cause bleeding in your stomach. Make sure you get help if you need it.

  7. kristie c said :

    Well you do smoke menthol’s, thats what did it. They contain fiber glass and can rip yo shit up! Many of my friends have had this happen. Don’t worry it’s not the alcohol.

  8. dogglebe said :

    It’s a good thing that you came here, instead of going to a doctor. A doctor would only have wasted your time.


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