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What is a yard of Ale?

If you ever get a chance, you should try a yard of Ale. What’s that? You have never heard of a yard of Ale? A yard of Ale is basically beer that comes in a very long glass – one that is a full 3 feet tall – shaped like a horn. What’s more is that you get an entire three pints worth of beer when you order a yard of Ale. Now that’s a lot!

They can be found in bars and pubs throughout most of England and Ireland, but are also sold in many restaurants that are elsewhere, which have an English or Irish theme (if the bar has an Irish sounding name, you will likely be able to order a yard of Ale there.) Some people also have yard of Ale glasses in their home bars to entertain their guests and make their party a little more interesting.

As previously mentioned, a yard of Ale comes in a glass that is about 3 feet tall. The bottom of the glass has a circular shape and the top spreads out like the end of a horn. It is said that the shape of yard of Ale glasses where originally made to cater to the needs of stagecoach drivers who could easily reach the glass, drink out of the glass, and refill the glass while driving. If you are the only person in the bar who has ordered a yard of Ale, you will really stand out!

Don’t think you can drink an entire yard of Ale. Well you’re in luck, as most places sell half yards, too. Whether you decide to order a full yard or a half of one, make sure that you enjoy the experience as a little taste of culture. After all, it is not every day that you get to drink an ordinary drink in such a unique way.

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