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Should I give up beer or smoking this year?

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45 Responses to “Should I give up beer or smoking this year?”

  1. Dylan... said :


  2. Eileen ~ Betting on Alice said :

    smoking! If you give up beer what would we call you?

  3. ♥Lissa♥ said :


  4. Sukie said :

    smoking, but shoot for both

  5. Simple Little Ways said :

    smoking- its terrible for you. beer- don’t over do it. one a day- if your a good boy

  6. kenzie said :

    smoking kills.
    def stop.

  7. ☮ ♡ ♪ :D=Life said :

    Smoking, give it up 2009, 2010, 2011, etc. etc. etc…

  8. David M said :

    smoking. it literally cuts your life span down and it really is bad for your health.

  9. Poopie Head said :

    smoking. beer is good for the soul lmao.

  10. ♥Isis Clause♥ is naughty [No. 2] said :

    why give up anything?

  11. Heather S said :

    Beer, keep irking the people next to you!

  12. S. said :

    Smoking, it will kill you faster but don’t drink too much beer

  13. ♥Is it over yet?♥ said :

    Why the hell would you want to do that?

  14. thej0yb0y said :

    smoking and drink beer in moderation =D. beer isnt bad as long as you dont become an alcoholic

    but if ur going to give up smoking dont go half way and start smoking again.. that isnt helping anyone and is probably making things worse than before because now your declaring smoking as something you NEED which is really isnt.

  15. TdW2008TdW said :

    smoking….atleast beer will just make you fat…but smoking is killing you faster

  16. country_gurl said :

    I say neither but if you must choose then smoking lol.

  17. nicole said :


  18. Miss Feasance said :

    Neither. Resolutions suck. I resolved to not make a resolution and I’m happy. Have a beer and a smoke on me! Meg

    Not if you want to have fun next year. Joe

  19. slave2luv_xxx said :

    aww man…..If i’m drinking beer,I want a smoke…but I smoke anyways…and I drink beer anyways,.tough choice…good luck…xxx

  20. Lynn ™ said :


    All people are more fun with booze.

  21. Brady said :

    Smoking, it’s can lead to lung cancer.

  22. Amy Feckalot said :


  23. make art not war said :

    which ever one you feel is killing you faster

  24. ♥twiligter!♥ said :

    SMOKING! duhh smoking is gross why do you do that??
    quite both if you have to

  25. Shark bait said :

    Start with smoking

  26. Z is Baby New Year said :


  27. Jazzys_mom said :


  28. Tiffany said :

    Dude why is everyone saying give up smoking!?
    Smoking is hard to give up.
    If you give up beer then you have to change your name.

    I wouldn’t give up neither…im not

  29. Gaze into her killing Jar said :

    Well what do you want a beer belly
    Yellow teeth and to die early?

    Give up both..They will both make you look dumb if you dont give it up


  30. blu roses said :

    Smoking. . .that’s what I did (I started a little early). With beer, you still get to have fun.

  31. peanut-head said :

    drugs = suicide

  32. sNoOpY said :

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why would u even consider either of them

  33. Thank Ya Kindly™ said :

    give up both..and take up mindless eating and putting crazy highlights in ur hair jk

  34. mamachan said :


  35. ρɾinceƨƨ cαeƖα said :


  36. Nicole said :

    I’d say smoking.
    Alcohol is good for you in moderate amounts.
    Smoking takes away stress but also your life.

  37. The Paranoid Android said :

    smoking..its a nasty habbit.

  38. Archangel said :


  39. mckenzie said :

    SMOKING! IF you want to live a longer healthier life.


  40. tattooed goddess said :

    who the h3ll could really give up beer?

  41. Dianne G said :

    smoking….at least there are some benefits to beer!

  42. Pinkrosy said :

    Your name is the answer.

  43. ROBERT C said :

    Smoking man, my god let’s not go crazy here. You can legally drink in way more places than you can smoke now. Besides if you quit drinking the terrorist win.

  44. ♥Butter_ fly♥ said :

    Start with smoking, then work on the beer. Giving up smoking would have the greater impact on your health. Good luck! 🙂

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