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What is an alcoholic drink that tastes good and will get me drunk fast?

I’ve never had a drink before in my life, but am needing to get very drunk very fast after learning the man I love has been cheating on me. I need a drink that tastes decent and don’t have any idea what to get.

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20 Responses to “What is an alcoholic drink that tastes good and will get me drunk fast?”

  1. jonjon418 said :

    LOL…oh, you’re headed down the wrong path trying to get drunk for the first time to get over a bad relationship. But in answer to your question, Kamakazis are great. A couple/several shots will get you toasty and it just tastes like lime.

  2. Laura S said :

    You don’t need to get drunk you need revenge. It is much sweeter

  3. BillDict said :

    Why not just skip right to illegal drugs?

    If you’re intent on hurting yourself, seek professional help.

  4. Lynn said :

    this isn’t a drink but is supposed to get you drunk FAST!

  5. b0osg i said :

    Guiness beer. Holy crap that is strong!!!

  6. Dubs82 said :

    I don’t think drinking is the answer… but if you insist on getting hammered, be sure you’re with friends and have a designated driver. Margaritas and Long Island Ice Teas do the trick for me. Sorry for your cheating ex (I’m assuming ex).

  7. yellowstonedogs said :

    Don’t let him make you do something foolish.

  8. mag said :

    straight shots of jim beam, that’ll do the trick.

  9. parrothead2371 said :

    Margaritas are good and tequila will get you drunk. Just remember, you are going to feel real bad the next morning. Hangovers are no fun. Maybe you need a more healthy way to get over this.

  10. hhh_hhw said :

    one tequila
    two tequila
    three tequila

  11. josie_14_14 said :

    dont drink to wash away your problems..

    You should go out with a friend(s) to a movie, dinner, go carting, a hike, running, biking, shopping

    just do something to keep you mind off of that jerk!

    Remember there ARE a lot of fish in the sea out there.

    You are strong!!

  12. bob b said :

    Not the best reason to start drinking, plus if you have never drank before just take three shots of anything and you will get nice and hammered. Be safe.

  13. Nana Susie said :

    Oyzo Its a beautiful greek drink with an anniseed taste. I like it with a little Cola. It’s very potent. Sometimes a couple of drinks lets you unwind but you can’t escape your problems. Get drunk and cry, and in the morning you will still have the same problems. You are hurting and you will for a while, but try to make yourself get over it. I wish you luck.

  14. MiKeNeSs said :

    try out a Long Island Iced Tea, if made correctly it tastes like an iced tea, and it has 5 shots of alcohol in it. So, you will get drunk quick.

  15. odafintutuola said :

    I know how you feel hon, and I don’t want to give you any ‘bad influential’ advice, but sometimes it does help a little to deter your sober thoughts by drinking, (but not alot) I’d buy some vodka and kahlua and make white russians, they’re delicious and will do the job…..
    2 oz vodka
    1 oz coffee liqueur
    light cream
    Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Fill with light cream and serve.

  16. HW2000 said :

    Flaming Lambo-


    Lava Flow-made with Bacardi 151

  17. sparkleythings_4you said :

    you’ll feel even worse in the morning!!!!! Champagne will do the trick, if you gonna get drunk, get drunk in style

  18. ashleynicole said :

    drinking is not the way to drowned your sorrows, you will only feel worse tomorrow. but if you really feel that this is a necessary thing then you should try coconut rum, mix it with pineapple juice

  19. Lola said :

    I’m sorry! Okay, but no drunk dialing! Long Island Ice teas will get you drunk quite quickly and really do taste like sweetened tea.
    Also, if you like wine, a couple of glasses of good red will do the same trick for ya.
    Enjoy your night, start dealing with the serious stuff tomorrow.

  20. bobbie jo c said :

    you should go out and buy a bottle of EVERCLEAR its 80prouf one shot will get you trashed its just like moonshine but not as harsh thats what i drank when i found out that my man went to rehab but be carefull


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