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What is dehydrated fruit and vegetables ?

If you are on a market, you may often see dehydrated vegetables and fruits. Before, you could only see and purchase dehydrated vegetables and fruits from health food shops, but as demand grows, you can also see them available in supermarkets, retail stores and even drugstores. The only question people have is that if the dehydrated vegetables and fruits still have the nutrition like the fresh ones have.

Dehydrated vegetables and fruits are just a simpler and more compact form of their fresh fruit and vegetables counterpart. The nutrients and vitamins are intact and what the only thing that was removed from the fruit or vegetables is the moisture. Dehydrated products have about quarter of the amount of moisture found in fresh variety leaving a light and light food material that keeps all the nutrients and vitamins.

Removing the liquid does not literally mean drying out the product; twenty five percent of moisture still keeps the fruit or vegetable soft and supple to touch. Dehydrating vegetables and fruits simply makes the product easier to chew keeping the minerals as well as the original flavor that the fresh ones have. You can even take large amount fruit in one setting due to the greatly reduced bulkiness if dehydrated.

Some dehydration processes leave only about five percent of moisture on an item; a great example of this is banana chips. This process of dehydration gives the fruit and vegetables crispy texture. People who want to have a healthy substitute for junk food like chips mostly prefer dehydrated products like these. Remember that dehydrated food keeps all the nutrients fresh variety has as well as the glucose the fresh product contains. Therefore, people with diabetes who needs to watch their glucose level have to be careful in consuming food even if it is dehydrated.

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