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What is Gluten intolerance ?

Gluten intolerance, as its name suggests, is the inability to digest gluten, a type of protein found in barley, rye and wheat. Although this condition occurs in only a few people, it can be hard for cooks to make special dishes for gluten intolerant guests. However, a few substitutions and a little creativity can get you a scrumptious and healthy meal that everyone can enjoy.

There are plenty of gluten-free products available on your favorite stores. If you have gluten intolerant guests, you can use rice, millet, corn, buckwheat, amarantha or quinoa in preparing the meals. While you may choose teff or oats in substituting gluten-containing products, be aware that most oats and teff are grown near wheat, so it’s possible that these products may contain gluten.

As though you’re preparing for guests or family members with allergies, it is important to inspect ingredient labels every time since most foods contain wheat to add flavor. Since even a small amount of gluten can affect your gluten intolerant guests, it is best to check the store for gluten-free packaged foods before cooking dinner. Of course, fresh fishes, chickens or meats are always gluten-free.

A great appetizer would be fresh, green salads or grilled vegetables. Your main meal could be as rich as mashed potatoes with grilled steak to easy-to-make pasta and vegetables. For your weight-conscious or vegetarian guests with gluten intolerance, tempeh or tofu are great meat substitute choices. When thinking of dessert, you have a wide array of choices, from puddings to ice creams, flour-less tortes to other gluten-free baked goodies. With just a little experimentation, you can still make a gluten-free meal enjoyable to everyone at the dining table.

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