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What kind of bread can I eat with an intolerance to yeast?

I just recently found out that I have an intolerance to yeasts and molds. I really can’t eat much of what I used to and I am miserable. I’m always hungry and I figured if I could eat some kind of bread with my meals I would be okay. Please help!

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5 Responses to “What kind of bread can I eat with an intolerance to yeast?”

  1. owen munney said :

    Soda bread, doesn’t contain yeast, plenty of recipes online.

  2. countrygirl said :

    Yeast Free Bread Recipe
    (Pancake or Flatbread Style)
    Yeast-Free Diet

    Dr. Mary Rodio

    A yeast & dairy free bread recipe especially for
    sufferers of Candida albicans yeast, gas, heartburn,
    digestive upsets, nausea, indigestion, food allergies.

    1 tbs. Olive Oil
    1 1/2 cup purified or distilled water
    Dash sea salt
    1 cup Arrowhead Mills brand soy or other whole grain flour
    1 cup Arrowhead Mills brand unbleached white flour
    1/2 tsp. Rumford brand (non-aluminum) baking powder

    Batter Preparation and Cooking:

    Mix first three ingredients

    Add in flour and baking powder (mix well to smooth, pancake-like batter consistency)

    Prepare skillet by rubbing inside of pan with paper towel dipped in olive oil
    Let pan sit for 10 minutes
    Place pan on burner at medium low heat and wait approximately 3 minutes before adding batter to center of pan
    Tilt pan in circular motion until bottom of pan is coated with batter to desired thickness
    When top appears to have a slightly dry appearance, lift flatbread pancake with spatula, flip and cook opposite side

    Cooking time for flatbread pancakes is approximately 1 minute each side

    Note1: Add additional water or flour for desired consistency

  3. Angry-T said :

    Try pita bread. Tortillas would work too. Just about any kind of flat bread should be safe.

  4. Dovie said :


  5. Wuher B said :


    I really like this bread by Nature’s Path called Manna. They have several different kinds. Usually at better health foods stores. All of them are made with sprouted whole grains and no yeast. They’re kind of like cake, they’re so good.


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