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What is the best food chopper to purchase?

I would like to purchase a food chopper to chop up dehydrator foods. I was hoping to buy an old food chopper on ebay. I have look at Oster and Rival food chopper and the information that I receive is about the meat grinder.

Does anyone know anything about the one that you attach to you table?

Thank in advance from your information.

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2 Responses to “What is the best food chopper to purchase?”

  1. Ashley M said :

    watch paid progaming! :]

  2. Achilles said :

    Do you mean a food processor? When I think of a food chopper I think of those cheap plastic little gadgets- like the Slap Chop (no offense). If you’re talking about a food processor, then Kitchen Aid is the way to go… Less expensive then Cusineart and just as sturdy.


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