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What is the best software to purchase to learn guitar?

Well recently i have been looking up on the internet for guitar softwares so i can learn on my own time. I need one that can help me play rock/metal. Another reason i want a software for learning because in the summer i will always busy and have no time for lessons with an instructor. So any good softwares out there?

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7 Responses to “What is the best software to purchase to learn guitar?”

  1. justwait<3 said :

    Oh man! I learned how to play guitar on my own, without anything but a cheap “learn to play” my mom bought at a music store. Once you learn the basics, its all down hill from there. But it will take a lot of practice. I sound like a total goofball but it was just that easy for me! 🙂

  2. Jambole said :

    The Power Tab Editor is one package that I’d recommend to anyone. Especially as it’s free!
    Get it from here

    This in combination with the thousands of downloads from one of the tab archive sites for example and you’ll be playing along to your favorite songs in no time!

  3. Torbjorn said :

    Having tried a lot of these packages, I will have to say that Guitar Superstars is probably the best out there for rock/metal

    Kudos to you for not going with that all to familiar train of thought “how can I teach myself guitar for free in no time and be super awesome”. Good luck which ever avenue you take!

  4. low Rent & Trashy said :

    Forget software! WTF? Learn how to read tablature and teach yourself!

  5. sophos707 said :

    I have a blog with free resources to learn guitar: http:/

    To find good programs, go to the blog and check out the links on the bottom left under “products”
    Great stuff!

  6. I Am God said :

    You don’t have to purchase software! There’s a wealth of information on which will help you learn what you need to know! I use it all the time, so don’t be afraid to check it out yourself, man!

  7. Natalie said :

    Private guitar lessons are really expensive, you could purchase a book or software program for probably the equivalent of just 1 or 2 lessons.

    Two programs I strongly strongly suggest, and have personally used:

    Alternatively you could check here for something:


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