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What is the best way to paper train a dog without being “inhumane”?

My friend is trying to get her dog’s puppies ready to go to new homes, and would like to have them paper trained first. She doesn’t want to do anything that would cause them to have aggressive behavior because they are already “naturally aggressive” due to their breed. What is the best way to train them?

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6 Responses to “What is the best way to paper train a dog without being “inhumane”?”

  1. kelleygaither2000 said:

    about 15 mins after they eat, put them on the paper. if they drink water, put them on the paper. when they urinate or deficate on the paper, praise them lavishly. don’t rub their nose in it if they make a mistake. that does nothing but make them resent you, and actually hinders proper potty training. don’t punish them if they go off the paper, just clean it up, and watch them carefully for their next bowel movement. they’ll get the idea. good luck!!

  2. misbehavin165 said:

    I confine them to the smallest room in the house.Put a tarp on the floor and cover it with newspaper.Lots of it so as it gets messed it can be removed without changing all the paper at once for about a week.Then gradually cut down the area that’s covered with newspaper while still leaving the tarp on the floor in case of accidents.

  3. tom l said:

    Why would you want to “train” a dog to defecate in the house????

  4. ml10 said:

    Do a yahoo! search on Shandilyn Cockers – Housetrainin Tips. Click on the 1st or 2nd one. It will answer all of your questions.

  5. Nibbles said:

    NO NO NO NO!

    You do not want them paper trained…all you are doing is reinforcing that they can relieve themselves in the house….as long as there is paper around.

    Just stop and think about leaving the newspaper on your couch and the new puppy is PAPER TRAINED!!!

    Crate training is a better option.

  6. Deedra Alfaro said:

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