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What should I do for my 14th birthday party?

I am thinking of inviting around 10 girls, and I am not sure what to do. My birthday is February 4th, but I want to start planning. Should I do casual dinner? Scavenger hunt? Pizza and movies at home? I need some help! Thanks 🙂

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4 Responses to “What should I do for my 14th birthday party?”

  1. Hambone 2 said :
  2. zerokool26 said :

    invite them all to a movie you then all all the hot girls will sit by you

  3. m.c. kimmy said :

    i juz turned 14 last year & what i did wuz thro a party like a sweet sixteen but without my parents.see what i did wuz hang out with all my friends in a hotel room & we partied,rode in a limo,& we went to a expensive restaurant.we had fun

  4. bella said :

    hey girls i say go to a restraurant and get dressed up and have fun (: tell your mom to drope you off and come back and get you thats what im doing for my birhtday (: cant wait hope this helps you have fun (:


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