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What should I cook for my first vegan Thanksgiving dinner?

This year will be my first vegan thanksgiving 🙂 I don’t want to put pressure on my momma to whip up something vegan, so I’ll be cooking dinner this year, but I have absolutely no idea what to make! D:
Any ideas?
What do you normally eat on thanksgiving?

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6 Responses to “What should I cook for my first vegan Thanksgiving dinner?”

  1. SuperGrrrl said :

    I found a website with lots of vegan recipes for you. My sister is vegetarian so she usually cooks a Tofurky, but I am not sure if that is vegan or not (although the PETA site says win a vegan Thanksgiving feast with Tofurky). Definitely can see some great ideas for fresh veg dishes, especially with squashes.

    Links below have some great ideas!

  2. GJ said :

    Tofurky roast or Gardein Stuffed Turky are good alternatives to turkey flesh. There are numerous meat substitutes on the market, and other foods that aren’t even intended to imitate meat that still tastes great.

  3. skittlesss said :
  4. Elaine said :

    Well, I am vegetarian, not vegan, so not all of my answer may be okay, because vegans do not eat animal products at all, but you could make tofu turkey. My mom made it one time, except I didn’t have any. Got to full on my uncle’s mac + cheese 😉 Anyways, you could make tofu turkey, something with beans and veggies, etc. etc. I can get a recipe for you from my friend’s grandmother, because she made this delicious casserol type thing with fruit! It was delicious!

  5. MusicaDeLaNoche said :

    Not a fan of tofu or fake meat in general soooo some ideas
    Stuffed squash, a veggie cassserole- usually potato&’cheese’ or chickpea bake- mashed potatoes (mushroom gravy is actually really yummy, check it out), vegan ‘mac’n’cheese’, corn on the cob, veggie kebabs, grilled seitan, zuchinni bread, lentil/veggie soup, sweet potato fries, vegetable pot pies, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, nuts…
    But don’t get me started on desserts! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, turkey-shaped cookies, coconut milk ice cream, brownies, peanut butter fudge, baked apples…

    Yeah it’s not like you have to live on raw broccoli.
    More ideas :

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