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What sort of food(s) are you craving right now?

And what do you do to compensate such cravings?
I am really craving for cheese blintzes, my Trader Joe’s used to carry them and now, the only place to get them is 45 miles away (IHOP). I’ve tried making my own blintzes but they never turn out they I want ’em.
Oh, I am having PB&J to compensate.

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12 Responses to “What sort of food(s) are you craving right now?”

  1. shay said:

    blintzes actually sound really good right now. So does pudding. Or canoli.

  2. bleacherbrat34 said:

    my grandmother’s canoli’s (thanks Shay)
    it was chocolate chip cookies untill Shay had said Canolis,,,

  3. potc7706 said:

    an IN-N-OUT burger…. they don’t have them in NM

  4. 2Cute2B4Got said:

    craving sushi; but satsfied by wheat crackers

  5. Sasha said:

    I’m craving an icee, cheeseburger, and refried beans in a can.

    But these are satisfied by wheat thins.

  6. greengirl said:

    Pizza, but I am dieting so I am just going to eat salad until I am so full if pizza were in front of me I would be too full to even have any.

  7. ladytee said:

    BBQ ribs…something about BBQ sauce I love ..and I’m going to have to keep on craving them because it’s really to late for I’ll have a cold bottle of water for now.

  8. Lissa said:

    Im craving icecream but in stead i eat fruit!!!=]

  9. ~victoire~ said:

    mac&cheese and sushi….
    to compensate,i drink orange juice…

  10. Candee Bar said:

    Right now I’d kill for one of the burgers or ribs my neighbor is grilling outside. The smoke is blowing through my patio window and making me nuts. I suppose I could go to Mickey Ds or fry up a burger on my stove, but we all know that’s like trying to kill the pains of giving birth with an asprin……not even CLOSE to what I’m needing! Lol

  11. Wenzu's princess said:

    Chocolate chip cookies


  12. Ankit S said:

    I am carving for anything and everthing spicy. Obviously, I have eaten spicy food to compensate it. But the carving is increasing as I havent eaten much today. Infact I am always more than happy to eat spicy food. It is because i love spicy food.


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