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Where can I buy “good and sharp” cooking/prep knives for my mother for Christmas?

I want to buy my mom chef’s knives set in the butler block. But I don’t wanna end up buying dull and flimsy knives.

What brands are the best and what brands should I avoid?

What stores would I find these brands?

Are these brands pricey or reasonable?

I’m only 13 years old and my dad is going to buy these.

Please give websites, links, and/or pictures please.

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7 Responses to “Where can I buy “good and sharp” cooking/prep knives for my mother for Christmas?”

  1. Mr. Curiuos said :

    Check out Bed, Bath, & Beyond online. Good place to start, and I believe it comes with reviews. I myself like Chicago Cutlery, had had them for years and they haven’t failed me yet, and the prices are reasonable. Good Luck.

  2. naldo said :

    check out knifes or us .com

  3. suzann said :

    Wal-Mart has good prices.Check them out.I have a set by Farberware that I got as a gift so I don’t know the price.They are great knives though. You could also try eBay.Good Luck

  4. cecelia said :

    Cutco and Chicago Cutlery are the best brands for knives. You can get Chicago Cutlery sets at the outlet malls for reasonable prices. I think you can only order Cutco through a dealer. I pasted the site below. A good set of knives will last her many years. Good luck and happy shopping.

  5. onebear469 said :

    go to a restraunt supply store in your area

  6. Susan D said :

    go to they have wonderful knives, just love their 7 inch long paring knives, their knives stay sharp forever, hope you will check out their web site

  7. Strong said :



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