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What is a good cooking book for a Christmas present?

Any suggestions – baking, or cooking?

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8 Responses to “What is a good cooking book for a Christmas present?”

  1. Hambone 2 said :

    I got my son a cookbook called “On Top of Spaghetti”. All kinds of pasta sauces. I have a copy and love it.

  2. busybaker said :

    It depends on the cooking skill of the cook.

    For the novice cook:

    Betty Crocker
    Joy of Cooking
    Better Homes and Gardens
    Fanny Farmer

    Somewhat more difficult cookbooks:

    The Way to Cook
    The Doube Day Cookbook
    The old out of print Gourmet Cookbooks
    Northern Italian Cooking

  3. Youtube service said :

    it depends on what you like i have one i really like for both catagories….

    THE SETLLEMENT COOK BOOK-or- Mrs. B’s Recipe book these are some really good books with TONS of recipes

  4. Sha said :

    Betty Crocker has several cookbooks I have one printed in the 50’s which they reprinted a couple of years ago. Cookbook has both baking and cooking. It depends on the experience of the cook as to the type oc cookbook you purchase. I collect cookbooks so now I like the cookbooks that have stories to go along with the recipes.
    Paula Deane also has good books. If you go online you can also find a variety of good cookbooks. Another good source are community cookbooks. They usually have a good selection of all types of recipies.

  5. profmasd said :

    I like Rachel Ray she has one that has 365 different reciepies and she has one full of meals that only take 30 min. Also I like anything by kraft foods. They have a deal called food and family that they send out 5 times a year and it’s free you just have to go to the website and fill out your mailing info

  6. msjantastic said :

    I was given a Betty Crocker cookbook about 30 years ago and grandma has passed on long ago but I will always treasure the book she gave me. I still get it out to look for different thing to make.

  7. RX Girl said :

    How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman – he covers it all and then some

  8. Sugar Pie said :

    Any cookbook by Ina Garten “Barefoot Contessa”; Donna Hay; or local charity cookbooks like from the Junior League — these are usually always really good!


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