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Any new idea to give up smoking ?

i purchased some patch to assist give up smoking i tried few times with these patch it works but only 8/10 hrs after that authomtcly i smoke i heat it i know is not good but not dare to say i will not smoke anymore .

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6 Responses to “Any new idea to give up smoking ?”

  1. tearsofthemoon00 said:

    Visit a Cancer hospital.Specifically visit the wing where people have lung cancer.As you walk the hallway you may see people coughing up green mucus and blood.Is that what you want in your future?

  2. kny390 said:

    The only good way to quit is cold turkey. Throw everyone of them out, put up a picture of a place you always wanted to visit and every day put the money you would have spent on smokes in a jar to go on vacation. Good luck.

  3. Annillie said:

    If the patch works for 8 hours then fails perhaps you have the wrong strength. Ask your pharmasist about it, they should be able to point you in the right direction.
    Hubby quit and he was doing it for more than 30 years.

  4. GirlinNB said:

    I tried the patch, gum, hyponosis and still smoked. Then one day I woke up, threw them out as well as the ashtrays and just didn’t smoke after that. I had a friend that wanted to quit. So one week before she did she put all her old butts into an old jar. On quitting day everytime she got a craving, she opened the jar and smelled the cigarette butts. Made her sick to her stomach and she’s been smoke free for over 15 years. Each person is different and you may have to try many times until you find the correct way to go about quitting for you.

  5. CJBig said:

    They now have laser therapy that seems to be really effective.

  6. martinamagrace said:

    I totally agree with girlinNB. I have tried every “crutch” I could and they all failed many times. UNTIL I learned it wasn’t the product that failed, it was ME ! If you want to quit and you are ready to quit, you will do it cold turkey.

    I have had COPD for years and it kept becoming worse and I still smoked. Now I am on a million meds and oxygen 24/7. It is not a fun way to live. I finally quit smoking and I when I think about a cigarette, I look at my oxygen tube and laugh at myself. I won’t smoke again. My point to you is, I sincerely hope you don’t have to quit the way I did. Watching me go down made some of my friends quit too. And yes, they had tried everything to quit before and ended up going cold turkey. So, I feel I helped someone else.

    You can’t look at me or anyone else and quit. You don’t need to go to the cancer wards and look at people suffering. You know what you are doing to shorten your life. The quality of life is what you need to think of. The quality of my life really SUCKS ! And there is no getting better. It can’t be cured. Is it worth that smoke?
    I watched my mother die of COPD and it didn’t make me quit.

    When you are ready to quit, something will hit you like a brick in your head and you will quit all on your own. As I said, I just hope you are smarter than I was. Don’t wait until it is too late.

    God Bless You and Good Luck……..Pray to St. Jude. That helped me. He is the Patron Saint for the hopeless…


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