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Going to Basic Obedience Class with dog, what materials should I have/bring?

I’m taking my 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer to Basic Obedience class to refresh her and am unsure of what I should bring to class. Any Ideas? Thanks.

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6 Responses to “Going to Basic Obedience Class with dog, what materials should I have/bring?”

  1. greatdanekid7 said:

    u could bring one of her/his favorite toy and treats.

  2. koi_pond_girl said:

    a comfortable leash that fits your hand well, and is an appropriate weight for a pointer (i.e., not a thin little show lead, not a 40lb chain). obviously, a properly fitted collar is a must here, too.

    a clicker, if your trainer is teaching you how to use it correctly (if so, the trainer will likely have them available to purchase).

    some of your dog’s favorite treats, ideally something so wonderful that it’s only reserved for the times you’re training the dog. many people keep the treats in a fanny pack, so their pockets don’t end up all dog-treat-stinky.

    the best source would be to call the person or store offering the class, and ask them if they have suggestions.

  3. ESPERANZA said:

    My pup just began class. I have to bring a favorite toy, training treats, a towel or bed. A 6 foot or 4 foot nylon or leather leash (no metal) a buckle or snap on collar (no choke collars).

  4. iluvmyfrenchbulldogs said:

    I would just take a nice leash and plenty of really good treats (maybe even different kinds). I have did many training classes with my dogs, and even though it is nice to bring other things that would make the dog more comfortable, I think that they get in the way more than anything.

  5. Maria said:

    Leash and treats.

  6. m j said:

    A 6 ft leather leash is what I prefer. Don’t go with a flexilead, they are really hard to use when training and it seems like I have someone with one in every beginner class.

    A buckle collar is fine, unless she is going to be really out of control, then use a chain training collar.

    Treats really depend on the instructor, I allow them for some dogs. Chewy treats work best because you can tear them into little bitty pieces.

    Have fun!


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