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How can I use a coffee pot to make an espresso ?

Espresso is made using a machine specifically designed to heat water in just the right temperature and send it to the coffee grounds using just the right amount of pressure. Nothing compares to the rich, strong flavor of espresso, however, having an espresso machine might be hard to afford. You don’t have to have an espresso machine to enjoy its full taste, there are some tips on how you can make one using just your regular coffee pot with result comparable to the original.

Start by getting roasted espresso or dark roasted coffee beans. Grind your coffee bean as fine as you can, there are grinders with settings for espresso grind but if you have a finer option, forget the espresso grind. Then, instead of using a single filter, make it double allowing the water to move much slower with the grounds. If your coffee maker has built in metal cone, you can just place paper filter on top to get the same water flow result.

Keep your coffee grounds proportion, use just about one tablespoon of coffee for every quarter cup of espresso. Remember not to put too much coffee ground over the coffee maker filter to avoid water from overflowing due to the additional filters you put on the coffee maker making the water to move much slower.

Place the finely ground coffee in the filter and tap it gently using the back of the spoon to make it more intact. Pour the desired amount of water in the machine, just enough not to over flow and let your rich cup of espresso brew. It is best to use pure and filtered water in making your espresso. Share your espresso with your friends and observe if they can tell the difference between your espresso and the one made in an espresso machine.

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  1. Espresso Fan said :

    Great article, a lot of people don’t have the room on their counters for multiple machines and this is a great way to repurpose an appliance that most already have. I do have a small stove top espresso maker that wasn’t very expensive ($13 at Gordman’s) and can be stored compactly in one of my cupboards…another option for those who don’t have the space or money for a fancy espresso machine.


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