how do i give up smoking cannabis?

I’ve been smoking weed for about 4 years since i was 13, The paranoia has just been building and building and i’ve reached the point where i really need to quit before something clicks in my head the only thing is that without cannabis my sleeping and eating pattern goes out the window i completely lose my apetite and i get insomnia very badly it’s almost as if cannabis just puts me on a normal level now because i don’t eat any more or sleep any more than before i smoked it and now i eat and sleep a lot less if i run out
Everyone thats taking the mick clearly has no idea what a dependency problem is, and whoever said cannabis makes you paranoid because of chemicals artificially added can shove that piece of nonsense in a dark place, is there any medication that is used to make the withdrawl symptons easier to handle? and the only thing that takes my mind of smoking is drinking or other intoxicants and i’d rather smoke weed than drink or do any other drugs.

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  1. dlw_2009 said:

    weed is not addictive so thats not the problem….you just need to quit cold turkey and your body just has to learn to adjust without it….once you have stopped smoking for a while everything will fall back into place….think about it if you stay up all night and then have to go to school or work your body will b tired and once night comes again you will go to sleep with no problem because you been up a full 24 hours….also if you do not eat then your body will eventually get hungry so and you will eat then….it might b hard at first but you can do it just adjust

  2. hightimes said:

    you dont, DUHHH

    toke up!

  3. ยต2 said:

    both answers above are EXACTLY what I though of wen i read the question.

  4. CDUB said:

    man you sound like your on crack not weed but crack

  5. HELP ME said:

    Just stop man, i used to be in a similar situation being high all the time and not being able to eat right or sleep at night. These effects are only temporary any only last for a week tops.

    The key with weed is moderation and not letting it get in the way of the rest of life. I only smoke now at nights once i have nothing left to accomplish.

    Sleeping aids can help the first few nights to get you back in a pattern. As for the food, just suck up and eat the food. You know your body needs the nutrition, just put the food in your mouth chew and swallow. It is not all the bad to force yourself to eat. It might make your stomach feel upset, but it never caused me to vomit.

    Im glad you realized that being blazed all the time is no way to go through life. Every day you dont smoke it gets easier, and after a week, the sleeplessness and hunger problems go away.

    Pick up a hobby, maybe something you can do outdoors during the day to keep your mind off smoking.

  6. Kelle said:

    I wish all the teens who post on here, saying it is harmless, could read your post.

    Only rehab. will help.
    I’ve added a link for a typical rehab. facility. Your doctor may have other suggestions.
    All the best to you.

  7. midnight toker said:

    REHAB!!!!!!!! FOR WEED!!!!!!!! lol, you would get laughed out of the building. Or beaten up. Watch half baked, man. And you must have some bad weed, man. Paranoia isn’t caused by the marijuana itself, but by the chemical shit that gets put on it. So grow your own

  8. aaaaah said:

    its a bitch i had to quit and had alot of the same problems your having you just got to suck it up and get through it. when i quit i couldnt get more than 5 hours of sleep for about three weeks and lost 9 pounds. stay busy and try to keep your mind off it eventually youll get back to normal.

  9. Cactus Prophet said:

    you can only replace one dependency with another. get hooked on fresh, raw foods and excercise.
    get a new hobby. find healthy addictions to replace your cravings for weed and within a few weeks you’ll forget about it.


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