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How do you fix your coffee in the morning?

For two years I’ve been using instant cause it was fast, but I really need another method. Any suggestions, please?? And what brand do you use?

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13 Responses to “How do you fix your coffee in the morning?”

  1. Brutally Honest said:

    I bought a coffee pot that has a timer built in. I set it up the night before, and 1/2 hour before my wake-up alarm goes off, my coffee starts brewing.

    I recommend the Black & Decker programmable coffee pot with a stainless steel carafe. Easy to use too. Just add the water to the reservoir, use a paper filter and one scoop of coffee for every 4 “cups” (as measured on the side of the machine) of water. You can buy a coffee scoop at your local store or it’s about 1/8 cup of coffee grounds.

  2. Steff said:

    lots of creme, whip cream with either fudge/carmal/sprinkles on top 🙂

  3. Terri said:

    depends on the time. in a pinch i use my drip coffee maker. if there is more time then I have a cappucino with my espresso cappucino maker. If i were you i would get myself a good drip coffee maker and make it that way you will be surprised on how smooth it turns out. you could even get those that have a travel mug for one. it turns out lovely. i gave one to one of my single friends and they love it. saves on time just put it together and get dressed and then drink your coffee easy.

  4. momof3 Idol has landed!! said:

    We brought last year a Tassimo coffee/tea/hot chocolate maker just fill up back with water and then have the small little pots of what we want to fit in top.
    We can have a variety of drinks from it but have to buy them from supermarket it makes a change and best of all idiot proof for me to use haha.

  5. wiilovemii said:

    i take a cup and pour coffee into it and drink it with cream and choclate chip coooookies.

  6. horse lvr said:

    i dont drink coffee but once in a while. My grandpa wont drink anything except Maxwell House Bold French Roast. I say that anything thats not flavored all tastes the same. i like the flavored kind, just black, but more water than coffee.

  7. mary said:

    I put 55cents in machine and press A16.
    coffee with cream. mmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Worshipful Heart said:

    I use different brands but I often use the timer on my coffee pot- I set it up the night before and it is ready and hot when I walk into the kitchen. I bought my coffee pot with timer for $30 and it works just as well as a model that was gifted to me and cost $150

    I suggest using a gold or permanant filter- it is better than the bleached paper filters and cheaper in the long run.

    I use milk or heavy whipping cream (I prefer the cream but only use it in moderation) and a couple of spoons of sugar.

    I purchased a couple of different syrups, (almond, hazelnut, etc) and some mornings I will put syrup and maybe a spoon of cocoa podwer, in the winter I like to add a little eggnog- and you can easily mix and match flavors

  9. RSJ said:

    Two years ago, I was drinking instant til someone just laughed and laughed at me. So, I picked up a Senseo machine. Love it! The pods are a little pricey- $4.39 for 16-18. And you need 2 pods to make a mug of coffee. But the coffee is terrific! In fact, I don’t even buy hot coffee anymore- even at Starbucks. The Senseo is super quick, no maintenance. I like the Dark roast, Paris (vanilla & caramel) and Vienna (Hazelnut & vanilla). They also have a cappucino flavor- didn’t like. A Bailey’s type- haven’t tried yet. I picked up my machine at Target and they have their own website too –

  10. spydee said:

    How about using a French Press?

    OR a Melita cone single cup filter holder that sits on top of your cup (you just spoon in the coffee & pour boiling water over)?

    Medaglia d’Oro is THE best coffe in the world! (We even bought it when we lived in Italia!) It’s imported by Rowland in Florida, and it’s available at Cub Foods and others.

    p.s. the addition of a little shot o’ grappa never hurt either!

  11. makeloans2 said:

    I have a coffee maker. I buy whole beans and grind them. They just taste fresher to me. But pre-ground would be fine. Just get a coffee maker and some filters. The kind you can set the night before to automatically start brewing at a certain time are really convenient.

  12. dreamweaver5521 said:

    Black Silk – smooth and dark..yum. Cream and sugar.

  13. WA Guy said:

    I’m REALLY lazy when it comes to coffee. So my partner and I invested in the top of the line coffee machine. We purchased a DeLonghi Magnifica EAM 3200. This machine does everything for you. I put the beans in one side hit a button and it brews the coffee. I can make and American cup of coffee or perhaps I want a cappuccino it will do that to. It will also do several European types of coffee if need be. It has a milk steaming feature on it that lets you make a late if your ever in the mood for it. I never have to clean the machine it cleans it’s self. The only thing I have to do is give it coffee, water and empty the coffee grounds. The machine it’s self is about $700 for non-digital and about $1000 for digital. Great machine for the lazy coffee maker! I have never had a problem yet with it and have had it for 2 years! Hope this helps!


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