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How do you make alcohol powder?

if you boil ethanol alcohol and take its powder and put it in a capsule does it get you drunk. if not, can anyone tell me how you can powder alcohol. i have a alcoholic beverage, with over 60% pure alcohol, so its good enough to get drunk off one shot.

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2 Responses to “How do you make alcohol powder?”

  1. I8AShroom said:

    Well, to get alcohol powder you would have to drop the temperature of it to below its freezing point of -173.4° F and then you could grind it into a powder. You could then put it into a capsule and ingest it. Your body would warm the powder back to a liquid and dissolve the capsule and you would get drunk. It would still take the same volume to get you drunk and I would be worried about the damage to your mouth, esophagus, and stomach from putting that much at that low a temperature into your body.

  2. Corvato said:

    you can’t make alcohol powder, but you can get it made

    there is new processes where alcohol is absorbed in a sugar derivative, and basically makes a powder, which when added to water will make an alcoholic beverage.


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