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How many cups a day for green tea benefits?

I’ve heard many wonderful things about the consumption of green tea. In order to experience some of the benefits, how many cups of green tea should someone consume a day? Right now, I drink a cup every once in a while (maybe three time a week), and drink two cups a day when I’m sick or feel a cold coming on to get the extra antioxidants.

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3 Responses to “How many cups a day for green tea benefits?”

  1. Doc Hollywood said :

    3-4 a cups day is recommended if you already have certain illnesses. If you are healthy , I would say a few a week is good for the mind and soul. The more the better. I average about 7 cups a week.

  2. ursula r said :

    i really dont know but i heard on tv on one of the food channels that green tea is not all that good for you, yes yes i know first they said its good for you now they say its not, but what is good for you now a days everything you eat trink, what ever you do nothing is good for you anymore so i dont pay attetion to those things and just to it in moderation, but if you like it go for it, good luck.

  3. mikedmags said :

    I have read that it should be 4 cups or above. I vary the green tea throughout the day so I don’t get so bored.

    If you are starting to get sick, I will usually take ginger tea, it is wonderful for soothing sore throats and warming the body.


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