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how to make my dear friend give up smoking ?

a friend of mine has started a new awful habit which is smoking.i really hate cigarettes and i want him to stop that bad habit ,and at the same time i don’t want to invade his privacy .
the first time i saw him inhaling a cigarette i was shocked then i tried gently to persuade him to give it up but he was a little upset with me.
so what to do in order not to lose my friend and make him stop smoking? a pragmatic solution please

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8 Responses to “how to make my dear friend give up smoking ?”

  1. 1337 Bunghole said:

    u gotta tell him the effects what happens if you do. maybe u wanna print out some facts from a website and tell him what happenes when u smoke. i hate cigarettes and because of them so many people die and get rly grossly sick. my uncle quit jsut before it was too late

  2. Troy C said:

    Well, you could tell him how much he means to you and that you don’t want him to risk his health. You could possibly find some videos about smoking and the health risks. You could say, “Its either me or them. Pick”. I guess that would help you realize whether or not he is your true friend.

  3. the_only_solorose said:

    in the end, there is not a thing you can do to make anyone quit. they have to want to. all you can do it protect yourself, tell him you won’t be around him when he smokes. And if he is a boyfriend, refuse to kiss him until he uses a mouthwash and brushes his teeth. the less acceptable you make the habit, the more likely someone who cares about you will think about giving it up.

  4. the_manic_mechanic said:

    You can tell him all kindsa stuff about how bad/ugly/stupid smoking is, but the truth is-you can’t make him stop. Ony those who want to do something can make themselves do it.

  5. sweetadolead said:

    First you can never “make” anyone do anything they don’t want to. I do applaude your concern as this has been and issue with my mother all my life.

    Find out why your friend started smoking and listen. If you find that out then maybe you can talk to them about how smoking isn’t the answer. Do his parents smoke? Is he trying to get into a crowd that smokes?

    If he holds money as important and complains how he has none, ask him how much a pack costs and how long it takes to finish the pack. If he is smoking a pack a day or two and they are $3 a pack that is about $10 a week just to smoke and $520 a year burned in smoke.

    It is a start anyway. The big thing is that if you go on the attack and argue with him vs listen to him you may win the arguement but loose the battle

    Good luck.

  6. MacJedi said:

    Since he just started, it will be easier for him to quit. That’s the good news. The bad news is he has to want to quit.

    Scout around; someone you know probably knows someone with lung cancer. Ask the family if they or the patient would mind if you visited (be sure to tell them why). It might help him to hear someone say why they wish they had never started.

    My hubby quit smoking before we got married because I told him I’d never marry anyone who smoked. I’m so grateful he did that.

    Good luck!

  7. Kimbo said:

    Well i am 22 and i have smoked since i was 16 and all the loved ones telling me to stop smoking made me want to smoke more. The more I heard about lung cancer and all that still made me want to smoke more. What made me want to stop is I watched this Oprah special on t.v and there is something weird in the the brain that when you tell a smoker to stop smoking they actually picture themselves smoking and actually makes them want to smoke more so you got to say breath easy and talk about wrinkles. After smoking for that long i had trouble breathing and I was always hacking and that is not attractive and I was already getting the smokers lines around my upper lip!!!! so tell your friend his lungs are so important and breathing easy is privilege! and why would he want ruin that!!! and i just quit cold turkey! and i smoked a pack a day almost!!!

  8. Al Moes Kraesee said:

    If you figure that one out patent it and sell it. Most smokers can’t make themselves quit.


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