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i want to give up smoking so i am healthy for pregnancy!!! HELP!!!?

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6 Responses to “i want to give up smoking so i am healthy for pregnancy!!! HELP!!!?”

  1. Matt G said :

    the gum worked great for me!!!! i was like “hmmm… there is usually something i am thinking about right about now…” then i would try to remember what it was and im like “oh yeah!!! i usually want a ciggy right about now but the gum is suppressing my addiction!” I ROCK!

  2. s l said :

    there is no powerful medicine than yr will power. if u think u should give birth to a healthy baby and wand to avoid complications during yr preg then just decide to quit and be firm not to some. chew some toffees whenever u feel to smoke or get yrself engaged in some other task. i m sure u will succeed in your ambition as the the smoke of ‘giving up’ has sparked from yr innerslef. good luck and good health for a healthy baby.

  3. Izetriyen said :

    yeah so give it up! whatever your habits are for smoking, such as after this or that….change the habit entirely.
    for example: if you would have a cigarette after a meal….instead of lighting up….go for a walk
    if its coffee you used to drink while you smoked……drink tea instead.
    keep gum handy and a paperclip or hairclip near to play with in ur hands…or whatever you like to fidget with
    brush your teeth a lot and kiss your honey a lot
    Realize that smoking a cigarette isnt the only habit….you have to change all the other habits that are associated with the impulse to smoke. 🙂
    good luck and have a happy and healthy pregnancy

  4. AMD said :

    for gods sake stop smoking at least for the sake of the baby to be born. if you want i can send you a literature why you need to do this will not only harm you in the long run it will also harm the future of your child to be born. kindly give me your email address so i can send you the literature.

    any ways wish you a happy smoking free future

  5. holtindyfan said :

    The best way to quit is to cut back slowly until you are having only a couple a day and do that until you no longer need to smoke anymore. That’s what i did and it worked. I had tried to quit cold turkey a couple of times but kept cheating and i would feel soooo bad about it, and that guilt led me to lighting up again. It was like I already failed at quitting so why not just start again. Start with a number like ten, then each week cut back by two, then when you get down to two a day, keep with that until you do not need them anymore. I know you will think you will always need them , but when you don’t smoke all day the smell gets to be real gross cause you kind of aren’t used to it anymore, and they don’t really taste as good after a while. Now they completely disgust me!! If you want to make it a little easier, try the gum with it!!

  6. fly away said :

    What has really worked for me is doing 2 things at once. When i have tried to quit in the past i used to give up cold turkey, it never worked because i craved it too much. What i did was i changed the brand that i somked. I hated the taste of the new kind so i smoked much less. Then i got a brand that was lighter and different from the one i liked. This made me hate it even more. I did this and at the same time i tried to change my habits, like not smoking with coffee/drinking, after eating, etc. The hardest thing was not smoking while socializing because all my friends somked. So i tried not to socialize with that group for a while until i felt that i didn’t have the craving as much. Try doing that might help. Also you have a good motivation for trying to quit so that should help you out even more.


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