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i want to give up smoking, whats the best way?

i have no will power what can motivate me? ive tried the patch, gum, inhaler etc. ive heard you can get something from your doctors but have bad side effects! all answers welcome as im new 😀

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7 Responses to “i want to give up smoking, whats the best way?”

  1. DWarrior said :

    Get some will power, or some motivation. You are saving your own life if you do stop. That should be a good enough reason to follow through.

  2. Averin said :

    Try to go to a place where smoking is not allowed.
    For example, sign up for a course in a school etc, where you have to stay there for long hours.
    Or go to work.

  3. rakz said :



  4. T33 said :

    Crack got my mind off of cigs

  5. outhval said :

    Your doctor can give you a prescription for Champix tablets. You can smoke the first week, then cut down gradually as they tend to make you feel nauseous and not want a cigarette. Best thing to do is get rid of all the nicotine smell in your house, wash down everything possible and change curtains, cushion covers etc. so it doesn’t tempt you. Then when finished, start the tabs and take one day at a time, but if you need a cigarette, don’t spoil things and smoke indoors, go outside. Also every time you fancy a cigarette, eat an orange, satsuma or tangerine, and find something else to do to take your mind off them. Take a note of when you smoke rapidly, say, on the telephone, after eating, and keep something to nibble at by the phone or get straight up after a meal and take a walk or get yourself busy. There is also a throat spray you can get from your doctor, but I don’t know the name of it. Good luck.

  6. Your my baby girl <3 said :

    You can stay in a no smoking ground, If you don’t have one already, Get a job thats night shift, and possibly day shift if you could. Goodluck 🙂

  7. hypnogirl. said :

    Use Hypnosis. If you want to give it up, hypnosis works.
    Hypnotherapy will reduce the withdrawal symptoms and craving to an occasional minor irritation.
    Go to for detailed articles to help and motivate you to give up smoking.
    Find a therapist you like, trust and can relate to.
    Good luck and keep trying.


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