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Is anyone else here having problems giving up smoking whist pregnant.?

I’m with the smoking sensation people but I am still finding it very hard. Anyone else.

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10 Responses to “Is anyone else here having problems giving up smoking whist pregnant.?”

  1. sageklas said :

    Well if you need anymore help quitting, smoking while pregnant is very bad for your baby. If that doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what will.

  2. Amanda said :

    aww I feel for you as a smoker myself. Fortunately for me, the smell of smoke made me feel sick when I fell pregnant (all 3 times lol) so I just stopped without any problems. Stupidly I started again soon after I gave birth……

  3. amanda j said :

    Every time I lit up a smoke all I could think about was my poor baby floating around in a cloud of smoke. It’s really hard to give up smoking but you should should look up all the harmful things it can cause to a baby. Good luck!

  4. Kdf said :

    i had a really hard time in the beginning, i actually craved one. my doctor told me not to quit cold turkey, that it could put my baby in i started with 20 and the next day had 19 and the next day had 18 and so on…for about a week i had one a day, and it only took me 31 days to completly quit. i compleltly understand how hard it is, and i probably still have about one a week-one every other week if i get really stressed out or am having a horrible day. cigarettes are bad for your baby, but don’t just quit and of course DONT take a patch, pill, etc. while you’re pregnant. your doctor might have alternate ideas to help you. you can do this!

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