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what problems did you face giving up smoking??

im on day 2 of no smoking, up until then i was a 20 a day smoker, because my husband was a smoker too we decided to give up together. so far iv had small urges but doing better than i expected. at the moment i almost feel depressed and tired, is this to do with the non smoking because i enjoyed it so much, it was a way of life as well as a bad habit.
my questions is what else can i expect, feelings etc? and how to cope

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3 Responses to “what problems did you face giving up smoking??”

  1. Dumdux said:

    my parents both quit at the same time and they said the first 2 months are horrible, but ater that, it just gets easier. they say that they can smell a hell of a lot better, and taste better, its be worth it to quit.

  2. Medhavi a said:

    There will be no problem when you quit smoking.The following can be present for a while.
    a. A sense of deprivation.
    b. Urge to borrow cigarette from some one.

    You can beat these temptations when you auto suggest to your selves the great benefits you Willl have in your life. With determination you will find the transition easy. You wil stay healthy for ever.

  3. t4_tra said:

    Everyone is different, but be assured – over time, those cravings will become less frequent, less urgent and eventually diminish altogether.
    I had irritability and trouble sleeping for the first 72hrs. I kept a little journal and inserted notes on feelings and changes over a period of 30days. There was noticable improvement in a short period of time.
    How I coped was through self convincing – repeatedly telling myself that the benefits would far outweigh the consequences.
    Frequent visits to internet supported “quit smoking sites” was also helpful.
    Looking younger, feeling stronger and of course, smelling pretty, were most positively worth the minimal struggle of quitting that stinky habit.



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