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Is green tea good to drink if you’re trying to gain more muscle?

I drink green tea for its many benefits for the body. The tea speeds up the metabolism which will burn calories faster. This will lead to faster weight loss. But my personal goal is to gain more weight my adding more lean muscle. Is it okay to keep drinking green tea if my goal is to gain more weight and muscle.

Is it also okay to drink a glass of milk with green tea in the morning before i workout. Some people on here said it’s not good to drink both at the same time.

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5 Responses to “Is green tea good to drink if you’re trying to gain more muscle?”

  1. beebee said :

    don’t know about muscle….but green tea is really good 4 u

  2. Maddie said :


  3. oruboris said :

    It’s fine.

    If you were a top level pro, this kind of detail might matter, but for the average guy it just doesn’t.

    Do you have a body fat monitoring scale? They aren’t expensive these days, and tracking your fat to lean ratio will help you decide when to add more calories, etc.

  4. Barcode said :

    (gaaaaack) Drink the milk first. Then, wait 30 to 45 minutes to drink the green tea. If the green tea is hot, it will benefit you more than if it is cold.

  5. David K said :

    There are so many benefits to Green tea, it can only help you to drink it.


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