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Once you have given up smoking, how long will it take for cravings to stop?

I gave up smoking nearly 5 wks ago, but have 1 spliff/night.
Im stil craving fags constantly, how long until the cravings go away?
I went from 10 a day to none.

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14 Responses to “Once you have given up smoking, how long will it take for cravings to stop?”

  1. Feeling new @ 42 said :

    Stop cheating and the cravings will die out in about 2 weeks.

  2. peter.peter31 said :

    Stop toking too for a while that’s your problem. It takes 72 hrs. for the nicotene to leave your body then the rest is just habit. Break your routine, like don’t have coffee with breakfast have it after (if that’s when you smoked) etc.

  3. nick s said :

    I hear never ever do they go away
    Alot of people say that its the first one of they day and after they eat is what they miss the most
    And some when they drink

  4. Abbs said :

    Good for you keep going!! I have not even got that far . My friend (given up 2 years now) Said it takes a few months for the cravings to calm down, (although i don’t think they ever leave) are you trying any patches that might help the cravings be less severe in the first couple of months?

  5. Linz said :

    Sweetie I would love to give you an answe to that but everyone is diffrent. Some people cold turky works, and others have to just gradually smoke less and less until they dont smoke at all. The patch worked for me, and I would chew bubble gum or eat some candy if i had cravings. Some people eat when they have cravings. But being on the patch …I dodnt have that many cravings.

  6. Corey said :

    After you get past the first day of not smoking completely then you are likely to stop. The cravings won’t go away unless you stop thinking about them. There are special types of gums that you can chew to stop the cravings and I know some people who tried eating sunflower seeds and it worked for them. By giving into your cravings at night you are allowing your body to get what it wants. Tonight try your hardest not to smoke and you could finally stop forever.

    Good luck and congratulations on quitting!!

  7. krh said :

    i quit 15 months ago and i still have cravings once in a definitely gets easier with time.keep it going-good luck

  8. Lisa L said :

    It probably takes awhile but keep going, you are on the right track.
    I quit for 2 months and I was still craving a cigarette constantly. Basically, I couldnt focus on anything for the whole 2 months.
    I had to start smoking again otherwise I would have lost my job.

  9. Robert Z said :

    i gave it up 8yrs. ago and i still crave it when someone next to me lites up. one day in a casino a ldy lit up next to me and put her ashtray between us i asked her nicely if she could put it on the other side she told me if i did not like it to leave. now they wonder why the smoking laws in public places have become more and more strict.

  10. richdance_mills said :

    well done, I gave up with champix tabs, they take the craving away, check them out on line

  11. Julie Kim said :

    well, you haven’t stopped if you “have 1 spliff/night”. stop completely. chew gum or something to keep your mouth busy. it differs for every person. but if you haven’t craved it for about 1 year, that probably means that you have officially quit.

  12. NutstersChick said :

    you need to cut it all out, including that one spliff a night.
    the worst of the craving should stop after 7-10 days.
    but my dad, who gave up cigarettes 20 years ago, still has cravings.
    it never goes, you just get better at knocking it down.
    knock the joint on the head or you’ll never kick the habit.

  13. JERRABand said :

    Without giving into temptation every night, after a few days the cravings should die down. However, the cravings will never completely go away; they will just get easier to deal with through time.

  14. Steve R said :

    They never go away. Even John McCain said he stopped 28 years ago and he would still like to light up one.


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