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Thinking about dog obedience school?

We are thinking about putting our 1 1/2 year old beagle into dog obedience school. Is it worth the money? What are your experiences? The dog is male.

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10 Responses to “Thinking about dog obedience school?”

  1. Bambi said:

    Dog obedience school is really good- the trainer also can help you with individual issues you have with your dog. It is worth the money.

  2. DP said:

    Yup, they’ll teach you how to train your dog.. You can use those lessons for life.

  3. loon a said:

    well i suppose yes that would be a good idea!

  4. Laurence W said:

    The owners need to have good discipline, too. Get a good dog training book to teach the dog other things you want him to do, too.

    The family is his pack, and he’s the low one on the totem pole. Important for the the dog to be obedient to all members of the family.

  5. cagney said:

    if you find the right obedience class it is absoultly worth the money. please don’t use a petsmart or that type of training class. those are most definatly a waste of money. i have been in petsmart during their graduation night, and most of those dogs can’t even sit on command and accept praise. i’m sure some of it is owner problem, but not when it’s almost every dog in the class and the instructor is telling them what a great job the dog is doing. ummm no it’s not. find a class in your area that teaches toward the akc good citizen test. this will be the best class for begginer obedience. it not only teaches the basics, of sit, stay, heel, come and some basic off leash work. but also teaches your dog how to behave in a crowd of people, around other dogs and with loud noises and being left alone. as i tell people a good obedience class will mostly teach you how to teach your dog. you have to work with your dog outside of class. the class time is only for you to learn the next step in training, and how to do it. plus it gives you the opprotunity to teach your dog around the distractions of new areas, new dog and people. a class should allow you to treat train but should show you how to wean your dog off of the treats. you don’t want to not have a treat when your dog is chasing a squirrel into traffic. your dog at the end of the class should do what you ask for praise. also if your dog is not neutered i would reccomend doing so before the class to help focus the dog’s attention on what you are asking and not other things. good luck.

  6. koehlerdogtraining said:

    Obedience classes are a very good thing. That said, some obedience classes are better than others. For starters, though, get yoursef into a Novice level obedience course. It will include the basic exercises of heel, come, sit, down, stand and stay, both on and off leash in areas of reasonable distractions, basic manners for home and away, plus problem solving. At the end of this class you can expect to have voice control over your dog pretty much anywhere you are allowed to have your dog.

    The intermediate level of obedience training is all off leash and includes some simple retrieving, jumping, out-of-sight stays and a drop on recall.

    After you and your dog complete the intermediate level of training, you can continue on in many different directions …

    Happy heeling,

    Tony Ancheta

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