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How can I teach my dog to properly to take a walk w/o taking her to obedience school?

My dog is always pulling me and I’ve tried to take her to obedience school but it never works! PLZ HELP!

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9 Responses to “How can I teach my dog to properly to take a walk w/o taking her to obedience school?”

  1. Sissy said :

    get a head collar she wont pull u cause u have her head

  2. alexis88883 said :

    Sounds like you need to work on your training habits. Be consistant. Walk the dog every day and keep the dog’s leash short so the dog is walking at your knee. Kee at it and practice, practice practice.

  3. Bozema said :

    Either your obedience school wasn’t a very good one or you weren’t getting the lesson. Obedience classes do work. I’d try a different class where the instructor will work individually with you on the problems you are having. Your vet or local humane society should be able to recommend one.

    You can train a dog yourself. There are many good books on the subject. But you need to be very consistent, follow the instructions carefully and work on it every day.

    For people who are training a dog for the very first time, I suggest professional instruction.

  4. Nosy_Cow said :

    We have tried the harness but although we can now control her better she still pulls. We are looking at the head collar idea next!

  5. Bre said :


    Depending on what breed/size dog you have, you can buy effective training collars. My personal favoite for large dogs is a choker chain, but there are also Chrome Prongs, and muzzle leads, and harnesses which are also very effective.

    As for pulling…
    When she pulls, just stopand make her sit there until she stops trying to pull. Then continue on. Keep repeating this, and it should work. :3
    Good luck!

  6. ratlover1 said :

    Keep her on a six foot leash, and when you go for a walk, let her get to the end of the leash and then abruptly change direction, do a complete U-turn and head briskly off in the opposite direction. Do this several times, and after being yanked around she’ll begin to understand that she has to pay attention to you. A chain slip collar (the ‘choke’ collar) is a big help here as you can give a nice gentle ‘pop’ on the leash right as she hits the end of the leash and you turn about, it won’t hurt her but will get her attention. Hauling her around on a regular collar usually doesn’t work so well.
    If she’s very energetic, and if you have a fenced yard, it might help to let her play fetch or something to work out some of the kinks first.
    Also work on the basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’, and ‘stay’. This will help teach her to look at you for guidance, establish your role as pack leader, and teach her to listen to you. Good luck!

  7. nimoto said :

    Stopping until she sits, and then continuing works well. For really bad pullers I make them stop and sit before we go from the sidewalk to the grass, before I put the leash on them, before I open the door, pretty much every step of the way they have to sit.

    Generally giving them commands while out on the walk solidifies your position as the leader.

    I also like turning 180 degrees, and heading in the opposite direction. Do that when they get fixated on something ahead, it teaches them that they have to pay attention to what you’re doing.

    I would not recommend any kind of harness, head or easy walk, or otherwise until the dog is trained to walk better. These things don’t really address the underlying problem (the dog thinks its the boss), and if you do address it, you’ll have a much better dog. A martingale collar, a choke collar, or a prong collar are all better solutions.

    @Rat lover, we both got the TD from the guy below me I think. He apparently thinks a harness that physically prevents the dog from pulling is better than training the dog not to pull…

  8. Quincy said :

    The answer is get a Gentle Leader.

    My wife had a problem with our dog practically pulling her arm out of joint. Once I got a Gentle Leader that fixed the problem.

    He didn’t like it at first, but now he’s a perfect gentleman.

  9. Roman S said :

    You can train your dog on your own without obedience school, you just have to look for good sources of how to do it


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