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What can I do with Bruce’s canned sweet potatoes and bag of marshmallows?

I have 3 large cans of Bruce’s canned sweet potatoes. I also have a bag of mini marshmallows. I have a pantry full of spices, syrup, etc but I do not have pecans. What can I do with these items to make a good and easy side for Thanksgiving?

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14 Responses to “What can I do with Bruce’s canned sweet potatoes and bag of marshmallows?”

  1. womster said:

    my guess is eat the marshmallows while cooking the potatoes

  2. Just a Friend said:

    Make a marshmallow topping and cook the sweet potatoes in it like a glaze. Call it “extra sweet potatoes”

  3. granonononola! said:

    You don’t have to have nuts. You can follow any sweet potato bread recipe and make something totally yummy. With or without all the ingredients…be creative. Butter pecan ice cream can substitute for cream and pecans, for instance….

  4. yeesho2 said:

    If you have real butter… candied yams are wonderful!!!

  5. kim said:

    make sweet poatoes

  6. Chelsea said:

    take sweet potatoes smash them … add brown sugar and a stick of melted butter and cinnamon and stuff… then top with marshmellows and then put in 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes or so or until the marshmellows are golden on top

  7. blueeyes said:

    mash the yam with brown sugar….fill muffin pan…bake….add marshmellow just before taking out of oven….sprinkle with cinnamon…….

  8. Stompy said:

    Check out this recipe, not sure if you have all the ingredients.

  9. Tasha S said:

    I would and am cookin this for thanksgivin…put two cans with juices then drain the last can into a bakin dish, brown sugar on top and put in oven…then right b4 u take them out put marshmallows on top so they melt and brown up

  10. carlos s said:

    I would pour the sweet potatoes into an oven baking pan, then pour brown sugar over them (to taste, about 1 cupful) then cover with the marshmallows and pour a cup of pecans over the marshmallow’s and bake for about 20 minutes until all the marshmallows melt, mmmmmmmm.

  11. leaona g said:

    you put them in a a pan put brown sugar and cimmaion and lemon and butter then mash them like mash or just leave them like they are then put the marsh mallows on top put in the oven at 350 cook in till brown and that is Candie yams.

  12. van kedileri said:

    add ginger , cinnamon, allspice , and nutmeg in small amts to the yams. top with the marshmallows and bake. Got butter? add a dab or slab of that, too

  13. robert s said:

    Ignore the marshmallows. Put the sweet potatoes in a casserole with a very small dab of butter and a small amount of cinnamon and brown sugar.

  14. To the moon said:

    No pecans? That’s nuts!


    Happy Holidays


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