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What is the cheapest staple food to survive on?

If you’re homeless and starving and all the food shelters ran out of food to give you, what would be the cheapest food you could buy that you can live on for months at a time and not be malnuourished? Rice or some other wheat?

By cheap I mean price per caloric nutritional quality value density.

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8 Responses to “What is the cheapest staple food to survive on?”

  1. Randy F said :

    raman noodles

  2. bobs(: said :

    i think rice or noodles , are you homeless ? :O

  3. Alb said :

    Don’t get ramen noodles, they make you sick after a few weeks of only eating ramen noodles and it’s not healthy.

    Rice is good, and it’s cheaper than ramen too. Brown rice would be even better, but unfortunately it’s more expensive than white rice even though whole wheat (brown) is healthier. So just regular white rice. You can buy 40 net lbs. of it for several dollars

  4. poppy 1 said :

    I think rice would be the best option.

  5. Alexx. said :

    Um.. hotdog? O_O

  6. jej said :

    I was really broke at one point when I first lived on my own, I survived on egg noodles, ramen noodles, and rice, by doing variations of them. For instance, ramen is like 16 cents a pack, pasta sauce can be found for 99 cents on sale, egg noodles are maybe $2, rice is cheap, canned veggies are cheap.

  7. Sam Pepys said :

    Canned baked beans in tomato sauce. Can be eaten cold, very high in protein, the tomato provides vitamin C. Low in fat, high in fibre. No food is perfect but baked beans come close. 🙂 A little high in sugar, but that’s just energy, you’ll need it.

  8. Mindflying1 said :

    Go to family and child services and tell them you need food stamps. They should give you a debit card to use at grocery stores if your income is low or you are homeless.


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