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What restaurants in Orlando Florida have good vegan options on the menu?

My daughter is now a vegan and we are going to Orlando so I am trying to find out as much as I can about good restaurant choices before we go. Also, any tips about ordering vegan meals in a restaurant would be very helpful. Thanks in advance! 😀

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3 Responses to “What restaurants in Orlando Florida have good vegan options on the menu?”

  1. Chemical Bex said:

    I can’t help about the restraunts, but when i go out i always order a veggie meal, and then say i’m allergic to dairy and eggs, and ask them to alter the meal.
    I find that they take you a lot more serious if you say you have allergies rather than say your vegan, which i know is wrong, but just the way it is..

  2. Heart Cooks Brain said:

    I haven’t been to these restaurants personally but there are reviews provided

    I would also recommend going to a latin restaurant (there are tons of them!)
    latin food (as you may know) contain alot of rice, beans, vegetables and tortillas. Easily Vegan. Also if you stumble upon a great sushi place, that is easily Vegan as well.

  3. iloveveggiesnstuff said:

    There are 2 excellent places in Orlando your daughter will love:

    That link above from other answerer is good too. I have also been to Woodlands which is Indian Cuisine. I am not sure if it is vegan though.


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