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Will America Elect Obama If He Is Not Smart Enough To Give Up Smoking?

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15 Responses to “Will America Elect Obama If He Is Not Smart Enough To Give Up Smoking?”

  1. ph_yo said:

    Haven’t you heard? 2ndhand smoke is the real killer.

  2. persiandiva77 said:

    Oddly, I think that weak will is something to think about. I don’t think most people feel that way. Nicotine is difficult to give up, sure. I would rather a president who didn’t use mind altering chemicals but I live in a dream world.

  3. REnate said:

    Scores of previous presidents have smoke from George Washington on to the present; so why should this make any difference?

  4. neamhni said:

    Ya. i think it’s still possible.

  5. Adam S said:

    America will not elect Obama for many more reasons than just because he won’t quit smoking. Cigarettes are the least of our worries when it comes to electing our next leader.Although I do bleieve in a smoke free environment for all people!

  6. ambernpeach said:

    Yes, why not? No different than voting in drinkers or overeaters.

  7. hyperion_monk said:

    I don’t know.
    It didn’t stop Ahnuld out in,did it?

  8. DOTTY C said:

    Nobody is perfect and you certainly won’t find a perfect candidate.

  9. roytochaps said:

    Obama will never give up smoking, he was born a smoker and he’ll die a smoker!

  10. hichefheidi said:

    I doubt it will impact much.

  11. Pitchow! said:

    I don’t think it’s intelligence issue but more of a willpower issue. That being said, I will vote for him whether or not he smokes.

  12. Jahpson said:

    not many knows he smokes so, it wouldn hurt him at all

  13. Mooninite, the Boston menace said:

    Sure they will. They just elected a crack head and an alcoholic as president.

  14. Svetlana said:

    梦见一个段子:两个胡子拉碴的外国胖子并肩站在一起,左边的胖子右手夹着烟,右边的胖子手里端着杯,两人都直视前方,也就是看着镜头。穿着嘛——一望而知两人生活潦倒。左胖子:Well, smoking doesn’t help any more.右胖子:Oh raelly. Try drinking.左胖子:Tell me, do you know your drink is burning?右胖子:Yeah it’s raelly burning …

  15. Mami said:

    I listen to NPR more than any other radio. I pallicurarty like the BBC broadcast in the wee hours of the morning and some of the more detailed and lengthy interviews they provide.Despite your preconceived notions I do not listen to any conservative talk radio with the exception of Mark Belling up here in the afternoon if I am not working.You should give him a try Pat. He is your conservative snarky counter part, albeit with a much larger audience.


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